Jennifer Parris

Jennifer Parris is a lifestyle writer at Romper. She covers various parenting topics, including health, toys, fashion, and more. Jennifer's work has appeared in Parents,, WAHM, and Mashable, among other media outlets. She was also the senior writer at Working Mother Magazine, where she wrote extensively about the issues facing working moms and their search for work-life balance. She earned her Bachelor's degree in English Honors from Queens College. When she's not writing, Jennifer can be found smooching her four kids (ages 2-19). She's married to the boy she fell in love with when she was 15 years old. She is obsessed with everything '80s, spends way too much time on Etsy and Pinterest, and is unabashedly a Queens girl at heart.

5 Things A Veteran Wants To Hear On Memorial Day

Sure, Memorial Day can be great for snagging some awesome sale items, but the day carries much more significance than that. Meant as a day to honor those who have died during active military duty, you can say something meaningful to a veteran on…
By Jennifer Parris