These apps for couples can help you reconnect via technology.
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12 Apps To Help Couples Who Want To Reconnect

Let technology bring you back together in the best way.

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Sometimes we all need a little help in the relationship department. When you feel like you’ve lost touch with your partner, there are a variety of apps for couples to help you reconnect and find your groove again. You’re on your phone anyway, so why not take advantage of technology to help you both feel more connected?

Perhaps you’re working opposite schedules and feel like two ships passing in the night because your time together is basically nonexistent. Maybe you just had a baby and the major change has you feeling more disconnected than you expected. Or, you’ve been together for so long that you hit an inevitable relationship rut and need some ideas for how to work through this phase. It happens to the best of us. Sure, you could send a flirty text or squeeze in a FaceTime call on your lunch break, but sometimes it can be fun to break up your routine with something new — and there’s an app for that.

From apps that help you plan fun dates to apps that walk you through the process of couples therapy, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on what part of your relationship you want to polish until it shines.

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ReGain is an app designed by BetterHelp to help connect couples with professional counselors. When you feel disconnected from your partner, a licensed therapist can help guide you through the reconnection process and strengthen your relationship. Sometimes it can be hard to talk to your partner about couples counseling, but downloading this app together is a great first step. It can actually feel really intuitive if adding an app to your phone is something you do pretty regularly.

Though the app is free, the cost of therapy through this platform does cost between $60 and $90 per week. It’s an investment, but it’s worth it to help work through relationship struggles in a way that feels less like therapy and more like a phone call or FaceTime chat.


Date Night Deck

If you’re looking for an app to curate fun and unique date ideas to enjoy together, look no further than Date Night Deck. Sometimes dating your spouse or long-term partner can get repetitive. If you’re stuck in a rut where you go to the same places and do the same things over and over again, an app that gives you randomized date night ideas that are tailored to your personal preferences can help you reconnect in the best way.

With the Date Night Deck app, you can receive ideas for staying in and going out, save ideas you like, share with your partner, and even schedule them on a shared calendar with built-in 24 hour reminders. The app also tracks your progress to complete a year’s worth of dates with your selection of weekly or monthly date nights.


Coral: Relationship Self-Care

For couples who want a way to talk more openly about intimacy, an app can help you both feel more at ease about your sex life. “Coral wants you to get the most horizontal happiness out of your life,” the app store description noted. To do this, they use science-backed methodology to give you and your partner a sort of roadmap to your best sex life. Take quizzes, play games, engage in guided self-care, listen to stories, or complete exercises to help you understand one another’s needs. One of the coolest features is that you can anonymously ask Coral’s experts any questions you have through the app in a totally judgement-free zone.

To gain unlimited access to Coral’s content and community, an annual subscription will run you $59.99.



If you’re looking to improve communication with your partner so that you can become closer and develop a stronger bond, consider downloading Relish. The relationship app uses a psychology-based relationship evaluation tool to create customized lessons, interactive quizzes, and therapy-based journal activities for you and your partner. You’ll learn how to prioritize your relationship, get fun date night ideas tailored to your personalities, and have access to paid relationship coaching at discounted rates.

The app is free to download and comes with a 7-day free trial. After the trail period, Relish requires a subscription payment of $99 to allow two users to access all of the app’s features for six months.


Love Nudge

When life gets busy, it can be hard to connect with your partner. Using an app like Love Nudge can help keep you and your partner’s relationship in perspective even during the busiest seasons of life. Using concepts from Gary Chapman’s bestselling book The 5 Love Languages, this free app lets couples send “nudges” to one another daily. It also monitors each users “love tank” to help encourage communication and intimacy.

One app user commented that, “The love meter is very useful and it helps me when I don't feel like talking some days!” Who can’t relate to feeling like you don’t want to talk to your partner, but still want to show you care?


Lasting: Marriage & Couples

If you’re looking for an app that gives you a safe space to work through relationship issues and reestablish connection together, Lasting is an app for couples that can help do just that. Lasting has more than 20,000 reviews from couples and a 4.7 out of 5 rating in the Apple app store. One person wrote, “The app breaks down decades of research for you, and then asks really interesting reflection questions — and it’s so fascinating to overlap your answers on top of your partner’s answers.”

The app is free to download, but to access all of the features, you’ll be prompted to subscribe to either Lasting Plus or Lasting Premium. The fees vary based on the length of time you sign up for and which features you want, so the cost can vary from $10 up to about $80.


Paired: Couples & Relationships

This fun Q&A-style app can help you and your partner learn more about one another and your relationship. Paired’s quizzes are written by leading therapists and academics who draw from relationship research to help couples learn about the aspects of their relationship that work and what doesn’t work so well. Partners can send tips back and forth, share quizzes, and guess one another’s answers to questions on topics like intimacy and conflict management.

It’s free to download Paired, and a lot of the content is also free, but you can access premium features like new courses and longer, more in-depth quizzes through in-app purchases.



Sometimes the road to more meaningful connection with your partner starts in the bedroom, but it can be difficult to broach the subject of trying something new. With the Spicer app, couples can discover fun ideas that can set a whole new mood when it’s time to get down. The app poses questions to both partners about different sex scenarios and each partner can answer yes, no, or maybe. When both partners’ answers match, it’s displayed for the other person to see so you can explore together.

Though the app is free to download, it only comes with a set number of questions. Additional Question Packs are available to purchase for a fee.



Sometimes, you want the things said and images sent back and forth from you to your partner and vice versa to stay, well… just between the two of you. With this free app, you can communicate in a private setting that feels more intimate than just texting. You can dress up your photos with customized gifs, fun emojis, and more in the Between app. Perfect for parents who share their cloud accounts with the whole family, the app is password protected and you even have the option to save memories right in the app instead of on your phone or in the cloud.


Couply: The App For Couples

When you’re not on the same page with your partner, it can put a strain on your entire relationship — even the fun parts like date nights and sex. Couply helps partners reconnect so that everyone is on the same page and stays there. Through research-based personality quizzes, you’ll learn your partner’s love style and attachment style, their color wheel, conflict style, and how introverted or extroverted they are. With insight into their personality, you can communicate better and learn how to enjoy time together more. Plus, this free app offers date suggestions, conversation cards, gift ideas, anniversary reminders, and custom relationship articles to help enhance your bond.


Gottman Card Decks

For couples who want to communicate better and deepen their bond, but aren’t sure where to start, Gottman Card Decks can be a great starting point. Designed using The Gottman Institute’s research-based approach to relationships, the app is a digital version of physical card decks used during The Art and Science of Love couples workshops.

The free app includes 14 card decks and 1,000 flashcards that couples can access to help start conversations around intimacy, communication, and other relationship sticking points. Also included in the app are fun date night ideas and “Love Maps” to help learn what makes your partner tick.



Another sex-focused app for couples who want to reconnect is Honi. The sexy, game-centric app helps spice things up with dares, quizzes, fantasies, positions to try, and relationship tips. Send your partner hints about what you want to try or share new discoveries about your sex life with one another through the app. The private chat feature is more secure than texting, and gives you the perfect opportunity to exchange photos, send questions and answers, and let your partner know that they’re on your mind.

“My husband and I have been together 11 years and in that time we’ve never discussed our sexual fantasies to each other,” one user commented in the app store. “This app made it easier to talk about things like that, especially if we matched on them.”

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