Play these games with your partner to help you reconnect.
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10 Couples Games To Play That Help You Reconnect

Play these games to reignite your spark and have fun together.

Game night saw a huge resurgence throughout the pandemic and as it turns out, it’s a pretty solid way to stay connected to the humans you share your life with. But the busier life gets, the more precious time with the family around your kitchen table for a weekly round of Monopoly or Go Fish becomes. Just as important as it is to make time to play together as a family, couples can also benefit from playing games together — especially games for couples that are specifically designed to help you reconnect.

Every relationship is different, so what one couple needs and wants in a game they play together to connect might not be the same as the next. Perhaps you want to learn to communicate better with your spouse, or maybe you want to spice things up in the bedroom. Or maybe you just want something fun to do together that isn’t watching another true crime documentary. (Though who can really get enough of those, right?)

No matter what the reason is, playing games together can help you stay connected with your partner or strengthen your bond during times when you feel like you’re not quite on the same page. From card games to encourage open communication to apps that spice up your sex life, these games for couples to play and reconnect are relationship gold.

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A Division Of Labor Card Deck

Couples who are keen on reading books that strengthen your bond might already been familiar with Fair Play, the New York Times best-seller and Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick about household labor redistribution. The Fair Play Deck is based on the book and meant to spark conversation to help prioritize the time you spend both together and apart.

From household tasks like cleaning toilets to caretaking responsibilities like making (and keeping) your kid’s dental appointments, the cards in this deck can help you visualize the balance of responsibilities and division of labor within your relationship. But, instead of a way to keep score, the deck is meant to inspire couples to see where they can make time for things that are important to them. While it’s not necessarily a “game” in the traditional sense, it’s a creative way to manage your life together.


A Party-Style Game For Two

The premise of this game for couples is similar to the classic game show The Newlywed Game, but can be played by partners who’ve been together any length of time and is set up in a way that you can play at home with just the two of you. (But there are also instructions included if you want to challenge other couples in the traditional style of The Newlywed Game, too.)

The game includes 150 questions that span three question categories, so the game doesn’t get boring after just a couple of rounds. With questions like “Which celebrities would play us in a movie?” and “Which emoji describes our relationship?” the goal of the game is to just have fun with your partner answering silly questions you might not otherwise ask one another.


A Game To Spice Up Your Sex Life

If you’re looking to reconnect with your partner in the bedroom, Honi is a game-centric app for couples to try. The app’s goal is to help spice up your sex life through various dares, quizzes, positions to try, relationship tips, and fantasy prompts. “It allows you to move at your own pace, gives opportunities to take your own initiative by either direct messages or taking small moments out of the day to review the quizzes, tips and intimacy dares when you have the chance,” one app user wrote in an Apple app store review.

Each “player” takes their own quizzes and receives their own tips that can be sent back and forth between partners. The app also has a private chat feature that gives couples a secure space to share intimate photos, pose questions to one another, and send sexy texts letting your partner know what’s on your mind.


A Game That Lasts All Week

Busy couples will appreciate this card deck-based game that challenges each of you to complete tasks meant to help the other feel appreciated and loved. Yes, this game lasts all week, but it doesn’t actually require a lot of time to play. How is that even possible?

Marital Bliss is a deck of 120 cards that couples draw from once a week. The cards will send each partner on a “secret mission” to complete tasks and earn points. Tasks range from things like giving your spouse compliments to having an unexpected quickie to unloading groceries, and the goal is to keep the fact that the tasks you’re doing are part of the game a secret from your partner in order to earn more points. The rewards for the winner are also usually something that can help you reconnect like breakfast in bed, a movie night, or a massage, but also includes things like time away for yourself.


A Personalized Dice Game

Unlike a deck of cards to help you open up to one another or an app to spice up your sex life, this personalized dice game for couples is the perfect way to playfully plan your next date night. (And really, all of your date nights after that.)

Each dice set comes with standard date night ideas that revolve around food, a main activity, and something to do together afterward. You can also customize each of the ideas when you place your order and base them on things you know you enjoy doing together or things you know you both want to try eventually.


A Conversation-Based Card Game

If you’re especially busy, working opposite schedules, have kids, or just struggle to find time to sit down together for a long stretch of time to reconnect, this is a great game to try. Our Moments Couples comes with 100 cards featuring conversation starters and thought-provoking prompts that are meant to help you and your partner open up to one another, laugh together, and enjoy one another’s company.

One thing that makes this particular game so great is that you can literally use the cards anywhere. Stash a few in your car, in your purse, in the kitchen, and then, wherever you are when you find a spare minute or two, you can spark up a meaningful conversation with your partner.


A Sexy App-Based Game

If your relationship has hit a stalemate that’s impacted your sex life, sometimes all you need is a fun game-based app to inject a bit of fun and intimacy into your time together. With the Spicer app, you’ll be posed questions about different sex scenarios and can answer yes, no, or maybe. The app links up with your partner, so when your answers match, you’re both notified and can share ideas and explore together right on your smart phone.

The best part about playing this particular game with your partner is that it’s free to download, but you can purchase additional question packs as needed.


A Card Game That Encourages Vulnerability

For couples looking to introduce more vulnerability and openness into their relationship, this card game can help spark important conversations. It’s a fun way to spend time together, but also serves a purpose that’s meaningful for your relationship.

One unique feature about this particular game is that there are different versions to play with your partner depending on where you’re at in your relationship journey. For example, if you’re in a new relationship and looking for thoughtful questions that will deepen your bond, there’s an edition of the game specifically designed for dating couples. Conversely, there’s also a long-term couples edition that’s perfect for couples who are looking to reignite a fizzled flame after years together.


A Digital Date Night Game

Sometimes it can be hard to brainstorm new and creative date night ideas, especially when you’ve been together for a long time. The Date Night Deck app is a fun, low-cost option for couples who want to reconnect via dating, but aren’t sure where to start. This app helps to curate unique dates you can enjoy together based on questions you answer together with your partner.

Tailor the dates you’re given based on your personal preferences like staying in or going out, food-involved dates or activity-based dates, and more. Schedule your dates on a shared calendar, share ideas with your partner, and track your progress to complete goals like a year’s worth of dates or keeping up with weekly date nights.


A Card Game You Can Tailor To Your Needs

Though the 150-card deck seems similar to other relationship-based card games, there are actually seven different games to choose from in Affection. Depending on what you and your partner are in the mood for, you can choose to answer intimate questions, questions that reflect on your past, playful questions, questions about your future, and more.

Go through a whole deck and play for hours or grab a couple of cards and play for a few minutes — it’s totally your call. This is one game for couples that you can truly tailor to exactly what your relationship needs whenever you need it.