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15 Little Things To Do During Missionary To Make It Better

Missionary is a classic for a reason. But, the position has got a reputation for being a bit boring. In an effort to end that stigma, there are little things to do during missionary to make it better can spice up the position that makes the man to most of the work. These tips however, will shift some of that effort over to you.

Eye-gazing, skin-on-skin, and grabbing a guy's butt to pull him deeper into you are some of the reasons to love missionary. But with all the joys it brings to women, it's also fair to wonder what men think about the missionary position. According to Cosmopolitan, some guys are really into missionary because, "it's a good position for looking at boobs." Also, these guys remarked, missionary is intimate, and can be slow or fast, depending on your mood and where the sex takes you.

Of course there's all kinds of places sex can take you. Some people are in it for the orgasm while others get off on seeing the facial expressions of their partner, , according to Women's Health. "Seeing either ecstasy or embarrassment is truly a moment of trust and fear," one guy told Women's Health. If this is your turn-on, missionary is a perfect position for you, and one that doesn't have to be vanilla. That is if you try the following tips to make missionary more exciting.


Use Pillows

Men's Health recommended using pillows under your butt during missionary sex. This little ergonomic trick will help tighten your vaginal canal, giving you all the feels. Literally.


Do It Outside The Boudoir

Sex on the beach isn't just a tropical drink — it's an invitation. Be sure to be discrete and use a large sheet to keep the sand out of your business.


Use Coital Alignment Therapy (Or CAT)

The goal of this variation on missionary, known as the coital alignment technique (CAT) is to have your partner's penis touch your G-spot at the same time it's touching your clit, according to another article in Men's Health.

Line up your chest with your partner's and then have him position himself a little higher, so his chest is now resting on your shoulders. Bend your legs at a 45 degree angle and tilt your hips up. This alignment will cause his shaft to have constant contact with your clit. The results are worth the effort. And there's an entire website devoted to mastering the coital alignment technique with demo videos. So study up.


Use A Vibrating Penis Ring

Sex therapist Ava Cadell wrote in NeuroLoveology that clit stimulation is the key to female arousal. As if you didn't know that, right. But many women might feel self-conscious touching themselves during missionary sex, she reported. That's nothing a vibrating c*ck ring can't solve.


Wrap Your Legs Around His Back

Board-certified sexologist Justine Shuey told Shape that if you wrap your legs around his back you can shift the angle of penetration so that his penis touches your clit with every thrust. This little tip can make all the difference in making you orgasm during missionary.


Perch Your Legs On His Shoulders

Shuey also told Shape that if you want an intense, deep penetration, elevate your legs so they rest on his shoulders. The feeling is intense for both him and you, so be prepared for it. Being bendy is ideal for this one. If both legs are too much, try lifting just one.


Touch Your Knees To Your Chest

Sexologist Dr. Kenneth Ray Stubbs told Redbook that having your feet held during intercourse is a sensual way to enjoy missionary. Bring your knees to your chest and let your partner take it from there. If you're like me, any bruising that results from this position will only make you crack a nostalgic smile the next day.


Rotate Your Hips

One way to guarantee you're not just laying there during missionary is to rotate your hips, Glamour suggested.


Get Rough

Women's Health recommended getting rough during missionary in order to make it extra hot. Ask to have your hands bound while your partner pumps hard into you. If bondage isn't your bag, try a little scratch on your partner's back or nibble his ear.


Talk Dirty

You may be on your back, but there's no reason for you to not use all of your body during missionary. And that includes your vocal chords. Talking dirty to your man in bed is a little way to make missionary a bit more naughty, suggested Cosmopolitan. Loud and proud, right?


Try Breath Play

If breath play seems interesting to you, it can spice up missionary. Breath play is when you purposely cut off oxygen during sex, explained Men's Journal. Because you're on your back, your partner can gently choke you. However, the same Men's Journal article urged you to take precautions in case you pass out during sex. Your man should know how to perform CPR, and you shouldn't be "out" for more than a couple of seconds. This is definitely something to read up on and discuss with your partner before hitting the sack, as breath play is considered a sexual fetish that has potential dangers.


Keep Your Pants On

There's something sexy about keeping one article of clothing on while you're doing the deed. Plus, it might bring back memories of when you were experimenting with sex, which is hot. Oh, and Jay Z sings about sliding Beyoncé's panties "to the side" in "Drunk In Love," so there's always that image to get you fired up during missionary.


Clench And Release

Although sex is not about getting a good workout, it's not a bad way to build muscle strength. During missionary, squeeze your pubococcygeus muscle (the same muscle you use to stop and start the flow when you urinate), Olivia St. Claire, author of 302 Advanced Techniques for Driving a Man Wild in Bed told SheKnows. Clench and release in order to give you and him extra sensations.


Pull His Hair

Playing with his hair shows your man you're engaged, even when laying on your back, Glamour noted. So, if you pull it when you get really turned on, you're letting him know just how much pleasure he's giving you. And, in an ideal world, pleasure begets pleasure.


Bite Your Lip

Piggybacking on the last tip, show your partner that you're into his moves, because in missionary, he's doing most of the cardio. A little thing you can do to show him he's hitting all the right spots is to bite your lip, suggested blogger Greg Dragon.