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Curious George & More Great Kids' Shows On Peacock Right Now

From cartoons to competitions, there’s something for everyone on NBC’s streaming service

In many ways, kids are just like small adults: they’re generally good natured, often cranky when hungry, and they can blow through entire television series in a single afternoon. But don't worry, you're at no risk of running out! We have you covered with 20 of the best kids’ shows streaming on Peacock, because these kiddos need a constant flow of Goldfish crackers and cartoons.

The shows available on this service are mainly drawn from NBC’s library, but also include properties from Universal Pictures, Universal Television, and DreamWorks. Best of all, you’ll find a wide variety of shows. From classic comedies of the Golden Age of television to new cartoons, reality competitions to not-so-spooky shorts, there's sure to be something for every taste. And among this wide variety, you will find that a lot of these shows seem to inspire creativity in kids: story-telling shows, crafting and cooking shows, magic shows, educational shows.

It's the kind of content that just might prompt them off the couch to do new and exciting activities... or, you know, they might go into a zombie-like trance and just bliss out on TV for a while but, honestly, is there really anything wrong with that, either? Whichever way it goes, here are 20 of the best kids’ shows on Peacock to stream right now.

Care Bears: Welcome To Care-A-Lot

If you loved Care Bears as a little kid, why not share that love with your kiddo in an updated version of the franchise. You could, however, also enjoy the original Care Bears and the 2007 reboot Care Bears: Adventures In Care-A-Lot, also streaming on Peacock. So many bears. So much caring.

Rated TV-Y

Curious George

Everyone's favorite little monkey (and his very patient friend, the Man with the Yellow Hat) gets into wacky, well-intentioned mischief and learns a few STEM lessons along the way.

Rated TV-Y

Little Baby Bum

Your child’s favorite YouTube obsession is now available to stream! Bright colors, friendly cartoon faces, and nursery songs will entrance your child for as long as you need them to be entranced so you can actually have some time to yourself!

Rated TV-Y


Maisy is a curious little mouse who has everyday adventures with her friends. Because, when you’re little, everything is new and adventure is everywhere! The characters don’t speak, but the unseen narrator translates everything for the viewers as Maisy and her friends solve problems, learn lessons, and have fun.

Rated TV-Y

Nina’s World

An animated prequel to Sprout’s The Goodnight Show, Nina’s World is about host Nina when she was a little girl. Nina goes on adventures throughout her neighborhood, making friends and learning new things.

Rated TV-Y

Shelley Duvall’s Bedtime Stories

Shelley Duvall is a national treasure and must be shared with subsequent generations! This anthology series is part live-action, part animated and features the voice talents of Ringo Starr, Bette Midler, Michael J. Fox, and James Earl Jones to name a few!

Rated TV-Y

Where’s Waldo

Waldo and Wenda are members of the WorldWide Wanderer Society. Sent on various missions by their mentor, Wizard Whitebeard, the two must use teamwork and problem solving skills to keep rival Odlulu from ruining their plans to become wizard-level wanderers!

Rated TV-Y

The Big Fun Crafty Show

This competition show for kids features teams of craft-loving grade schoolers taking on unique challenges with all the glitter, construction paper, and creativity you can imagine. The Big Fun Crafty Show is sure to entertain and inspire some craft projects along the way.

Rated TV-Y

Madagascar: A Little Wild


Did you ever wonder what Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo from Madagascar were like as babies? Wonder no more! This series follows their adventures as they grow up in a rescue habitat at the Central Park Zoo.

Rated TV:Y

Spine Chilling Stories

These original animated tales are told by a live action narrator named Faith who “warns” viewers before ever episode “Don’t turn off the lights...!” The slightly spooky series is great for kids who like a good scary story that isn’t actually going to scare them!

Rated TV-G

Top Chef Jr.

This show is just like your favorite cooking competition show, Top Chef, but with children between 3rd and 9th grade. So, be warned: if you watch this with your kids, you’ll feel spectacularly inadequate in your own cooking skills. (How did this small child learn how to perfectly roast a turkey?!) But! It’s impressive and fun and it just might inspire your child to try a vegetable!

Rated TV-G

The Munsters

The Munsters is a classic ‘60s sitcom that follows a family of friendly monsters as they navigate life in an otherwise normal world. In addition to being goofy good fun, it teaches the important lesson that our physical differences don’t have to divide us.

Rated TV-G

Leave It To Beaver

Leave It To Beaver has become synonymous with “wholesome family entertainment” and while it’s not necessarily a realistic depiction of real life it can be nice to kick back with some non-dramatic, lighthearted classic entertainment from time to time. (Also, you can trick your kid into thinking that the world was in black and white prior to 1975 or so...)

Rated TV-G

Colossal Questions

These informative shorts answer kids’ most pressing questions. What would happen if I never showered? Why are there “boy” colors and “girl” colors? Why oh why do I have to get shots when I got to the doctor? Watch with them: you might even learn something, too!

Rated TV-Y7

Cleopatra In Space

Fearless and confident, 15-year-old princess Cleopatra time travels from ancient Egypt to 30,000 years into the future, where she attends the intergalactic P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. academy to learn everything she has to in order to fulfill her destiny: to save the Nile Galaxy from the evil tyrant Octavian.

Rated TV:TV-Y7



Queen Poppy, armed with her dulcet voice and trademark positivity, invites delegates from the forest's funk, country, techno, classical, pop, and rock tribes to live together in a grand experiment — a Utopia for Trolls that she calls (what else?) TrollsTopia!

Rated TV-Y7

Dragons: Defenders of Berk

Hiccup, his dragon Toothless, and their friends work together to defend their tiny Viking island of Berk and explore new lands (and discover new dragons) they never could have imagined. The series continues with Dragons: Riders of Berk, which is also available.

Rated TV-Y7

Junk Drawer Magic

Your child will learn to amaze their friends and family with magic tricks conjured from your kitchen junk drawer! From nasty booger napkins and bloody bandaids to magic cereal boxes and disappearing matches, these tricks will probably freak you out, but they will keep your kids entertained for hours as they try them for themselves!

Rated TV-Y7

Archibald’s Next Big Thing Is Here!

Archibald Strutter is a chicken who blithely improvises his way through life with his sidekick Bea (a bee). Fortunately his siblings Loy, Sage, and Finly are around to help him out.

Rated TV-Y7

The Mighty Ones

A twig, a pebble, a leaf and a strawberry walk into a yard... that’s not the start of a joke, that’s the premise of The Mighty Ones, a whimsical, silly series about tiny objects who believe the giant humans who wander in and out of their wild backyard home are powerful gods.

Rated TV-Y7