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Anna Konkle & Maya Erskine Are Both Pregnant

The PEN15 creators hope their kids grow to be BFFs.

In a twist their on-screen counterparts probably would have loved, real-life besties and PEN15 creators Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine are pregnant at the same time. Konkle surprised fans late last week when she took to Instagram to announce she was pregnant — just like her co-star Erskine, who'd announced she was expecting in November.

"It only took me nine months to post, but the family is expanding any second now," 33-year-old Konkle wrote Friday when announcing the news with a few photographs of her bump on Instagram.

Konkle is expecting her first child with boyfriend Alex Anfanger, as Vulture reported. The 35-year-old actor recently starred in the short-form comedy series Shark Lords, which aired as part of the anthology TV series Cake. The pair have been dating since at least 2015, according to Anfanger's Instagram.

But while Konkle is nine months — and due "any second" — she's not the first PEN15 creator to announce a pregnancy. Back in November, 33-year-old Erskine revealed she was expecting her first child with fiancé Michael Angarano, who played drama teacher Greg in Season 2 of PEN15, by sharing a photograph of herself and Angarano in which her bump was clearly visible.

"When 2 becomes 3," she wrote.

Angarano, who has also starred in This Is Us, shared news of his and Erskine's engagement over his own Instagram account, captioning a picture of himself hugging Erskine from behind, "and then there were 3... also, we're engaged." The actor shared his heartfelt appreciation for Erskine in a sweet end-of-the-year tribute.

"I feel very lucky to have spent 2020 with you @mayaerskine," he wrote when posting a short video clip of Erskine and himself laughing on New Year's Eve.

While filming for the second season of PEN15 was cut short by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, fans can expect to see the next seven episodes of the second season to drop sometime in late 2021. In September, Konkle told W "COVID stopped us in the middle [of filming]," and revealed the next seven episodes "probably won't be out for a year now."

In the meantime, Konkle and Erskine are enjoying living out one of the ultimate best friend fantasies in their real life: being pregnant together. Shortly after Konkle announced her pregnancy late last week, Konkle and Erskine shared a few pictures of themselves comparing their bellies in their Instagram Stories. In a photograph Konkle captioned "Ying and Yang," the friends stand bump-to-bump, People reported. Meanwhile, Erskine shared a photo of herself and Konkle sitting together on a couch with the caption, "BFFs making some future bffs."