10 Parenting Lessons From Peppa Pig, Because It's Not Just For Kids

Did you really think only your kids were learning something...?

Peppa Pig is a preschool favorite around the world. Parents, critics, and educators have praised the show’s ability to teach kids valuable lessons... but it’s not just the kids who learn! Here are our favorite parenting lessons from Peppa Pig.

#1. Spend Time Together Outdoors

There’s no shortage of fun to be had when you spend time together outside as a family, and lots to discover, from new footprints to different kinds of puddles.
Peppa Pig | YouTube

#2. Get Involved With Your Children’s School

Mummy and Daddy Pig can often be found helping out in Madame Gazelle’s classroom, the school they attended as children. Their involvement definitely makes learning a family affair!
Peppa Pig | YouTube

#3. Let Your Kids See You Work

Mummy Pig works from home, and Peppa and George sometimes get to help out (as long as they don’t bang on the keyboard). It’s a great way to teach your kids not only about working, but your identity outside of them.
Peppa Pig | YouTube

#4. Exercise Together

Walks, bike rides, swimming: the Pig Family is super active and make exercise fun. The (British Medical Journal even praised the show for its “positive public health messages” in a cheeky 2017 article.)
Peppa Pig | YouTube

#5. Don’t Be Afraid To Raise Sassy Daughters

Peppa is a spirited, playful kid, who sometimes borders on cheeky, but that’s OK. The world needs more self-assured sassy girls.
Peppa Pig | YouTube

#6. Grandparents Are Important

Not only do they give your children different kinds of experiences and perspectives, but they can give mummy and daddy a few restful kid-free hours!
Peppa Pig | YouTube

#7. Know Better; Do Better

When Peppa Pig was criticized for not including seatbelts and bicycle helmets, show creators responded by including them moving forward, which feels like a metaphor for growing as a parent.
Peppa Pig | YouTube

#8. Model Behaviors You Want To See In Your Kids

From kindness to eating vegetables, playing to reading, Mummy and Daddy Pig are often the ones setting the tone for the whole family when it comes to positive behaviors.
Peppa Pig | YouTube

#9. When Life Gives You Rain, Go Jump In Muddy Puddles

Because whomst among us couldn’t use a splash in the mud from time to time...?
Peppa Pig | YouTube

#10. Give In Fully To Joy

The Pig Family is known for falling over themselves in delight which, at first is a little bit odd but, really, why not! Give into that great big belly laugh! We won’t even judge you if you snort while you laugh!
Peppa Pig | YouTube