Mandy Moore Shares The Best Parenting Advice She’s Gotten So Far

"Be ready to surrender to the moment."

by Lauren Tegtmeyer

Romper asked our January 2021 cover star Mandy Moore to tell us the best parenting advice she’s received so far. Here’s what she had to say.

Friends Are The Best Search Engines

“Don’t Google things. Ask your friends.”

Find Comfort In The Unexpected

“Take solace that nothing will go according to plan. Be ready to surrender to the moment.”

Remember: This Too Shall Pass

"Everything is a phase. Keep that in mind. The challenging bits, the easier bits."

Let Happy Babies Lie

"Never wake a sleeping baby. And this one that I picked up today: never try to make a happy baby happier. If your baby or your child is content doing something, don’t think that you have to try to do anything to facilitate them being happier. Like, 'Oh, maybe they need to sit up,' or 'Maybe I have to move this toy closer to them.' Let them be.”

It's All Relative

“The things that you may find easier or more challenging may have been easier or more challenging for somebody else, but it’s all about your experience.”

Be Kind To Yourself

“Just be prepared to fail. Be prepared to mess up … Be prepared for the unexpected, and don’t judge yourself for it."

Birth Plan Is As Birth Plan Does

“I'm thinking about, as I'm going into this experience, about how I can give birth and I have this very clear vision of what I want it to be like or what I hope it to be like. It’s going to unfold the way it’s gonna unfold."

If At First You Don't Succeed

"It’s OK to sort of fall off the horse and dust yourself off and get back up again. That’s what life is all about; I think that’s what being a parent is gonna be all about as well.”

It's OK To Need Help

“Accept help when it’s offered and have grace for yourself. This is a totally new bit of territory, so having grace and keeping that in mind is really important.”

But Here's The Thing About Advice...

“Don’t take anyone’s advice. Don’t accept it. Listen to your own voice, your own gut. No one is gonna know your lived experience or your baby better than you.”