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This Free Streaming Service Was Designed Just For Kids Age 2-10

Sensical lets kids explore thousands of fun and educational videos based on their different interests.

by Morgan Brinlee

Common Sense Networks, an affiliate of the family-focused education and advocacy organization known as Common Sense Media, has launched a free, ad-supported streaming service specifically designed for children between the ages of 2 and 10. On Sensical, kids and parents will find thousands of age-appropriate entertaining and educational videos as well as more than 50 topic-based channels. What sets the streaming service apart is the fact that every video has been fully vetted by trained child development experts, meaning parents can rest easy knowing anything their child chooses to watch on Sensical is 100% kid-appropriate.

“Sensical was founded on the belief that kids deserve better,” Common Sense Networks CEO Eric Berger said in a statement shared with Romper. “We built a service from the ground up, rooted in science, supported by experts in the field, and designed to reflect how kids stream today. Our lens is unique because, unlike many existing services, our offering is specifically for kids — mirroring our thesis that age-appropriateness matters and that kids learn best when they’re exploring their passions.”

What Kids Will Find On Sensical

Just as Berger has promised, Common Sense Networks’ new streaming service Sensical allows kids to explore videos categorized by different interests and passions. For example, kids will find channels centered around animals, airplanes, nature, science, history, music, sports, cooking, dance, robots, outer space, and more. There’s even a section dedicated to the popular kid’s game Minecraft. With more than 15,000 licensed videos spread across 10 different learning areas, even the pickiest child is sure to find something that will pique their interest.

Sensical includes well-known series such as Thomas & Friends Classic as well as shows your family may not yet have discovered like Milly-Molly, which follows the friendship and adventures of two girls who hail from different ethnic backgrounds.

How Sensical Puts Parents In Control

A “Parent Zone” allows parents to see and manage exactly what their child has been watching. Through the “Parent Zone,” caretakers can easily view their child’s calculated daily viewing times and set time limits. Adults can also access Sensical’s unique “Why It’s Sensical” feature, which lays out the educational or emotional benefits for each title.

For example, the “Why It’s Sensical” feature for Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat, lets parents know the series focuses on teaching moral lessons on things like honesty, compassion, and curiosity and includes themes of friendship, problem-solving, music, history, positive messages, and more.

Where To Find Sensical

For now, Sensical is available to stream via web and mobile on iOS and Android. Parents can also find Sensical on the Roku® platform, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

The streaming service is expected to expand to all major distribution platforms, including VIZIO, by the end of this summer.

What About The Ads?

While Sensical is free, it does include ads. However, Common Sense Network has stressed the streaming service won’t include any ads that could be considered inappropriate for children. Just as experts have reviewed each and every video available to stream on Sensical, experts have also reviewed every ad. Common Sense Network also noted Sensical was COPPA-compliant, meaning the streaming service adhered to the Federal Trade Commission’s Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA), and had been certified under the kidSAFE ® Seal Program.

“A key differentiator for Sensical is that no other platform or service is inspired by the work of Common Sense Media, an organization that’s been at the forefront of what’s best for families for nearly two decades,” Berger said. “Given how much digital content kids are now consuming, we need to be intentional about being champions for what’s possible in this ecosystem by creating safe and healthy media options for our children. Sensical is an important next step in that direction.”