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25 Great TV Shows About School To Watch As A Family

The Magic School Bus is just one of many options to stream right now!

As a kid, did you like to play “school” when you weren’t in the classroom? If so, then you too like the fun and comfort of doodling in your Lisa Frank notebooks, chatting with friends in the hallway, passing notes in class, and just hearing that school bell ring. And if everything about school is your kid’s jam as well, now seems like as a good a time as any to watch some great shows about school with the family.

Watching any of these series, even just a single episode, will help your little ones get excited for the new school year. Many of the shows on this list feature relatable characters and storylines. Like As Told By Ginger, Boy Meets World, or Hey Arnold, for example. These TV shows tackle things like bullying, school crushes, feeling like the odd man out, and more. Meanwhile, other shows on this list like Hannah Montana, The Magic School Bus, and Kim Possible can offer kids a bit of escapism when they want to feel like a superhero or rockstar.

Truly, whichever show you decide to watch, they all feature school in a fun way that’s enjoyable for the whole family. Enjoy!


All Grown Up

The Rugrats kids are now preteens in this series that focuses on them, making their way through middle school, and dealing with adolescent issues. Because it’s super cool to see your favorite series about babies deal with real life stuff.

Stream All Grown Up, rated TV-Y7, on Paramount+.


A.N.T Farm

Chyna and her two friends are members of the A.N.T (Advanced Natural Talents) program, which means they’re headed straight for high school. Although the school work may be hard, and fitting in with the older students is harder, there is nothing these friends can’t tackle.

Watch A.N.T Farm, rated TV-G, on Disney+.


As Told By Ginger

Some kids would do anything to be popular, like Ginger, a pre-teen in middle school who struggles with normal issues.

Watch As Told By Ginger, rated TV-Y7 on Paramount+.


Bella and the Bulldogs

Bella Dawson is the head cheerleader at her middle school, with big dreams of playing on the football team. Not only does she become the star quarterback, but she has to learn how to navigate the tricky social structure of her middle school once she assumes her new role.

Watch Bella and the Bulldogs, rated TV-G, on Paramount+.


Boy Meets World

Watch as Cory Matthews, his friends, family members, and long time school crush, Topanga, grow up and face a number of relatable problems in this beloved sitcom from the ‘90s. This show will make you want to thank your former teachers and wish that you had a Mr. Feeny in your own life.

Watch Boy Meets World, rated TV-PG, on Disney+.


The Fresh Beat Band


In this fun series, a group of friends attend middle school together and perform as the Fresh Beat Band. This series, geared towards pre-schoolers, encourages them to appreciate music and express themselves. It’s perfect for those little ones who are headed to school for the first time.

Watch The Fresh Beat Band, rated TV-Y, on Paramount+.


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

When Will’s mom sends him away from his no-good neighborhood in Philadelphia to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle in California, he learns that adjusting to his new life isn’t so easy. But it is pretty fun to shake things up a bit; Will’s fish-out-of-water take on school is just a little too relatable.

Watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, rated TV-G, on HBO Max.


Hannah Montana

Miley Stewart is your average teen dealing with the woes of high school, except she has a secret — she moonlights as a pop star named Hannah Montana. Juggling between a high school outcast and world known pop star isn’t easy, but Miley always seems to handle it in one way or another. And while moonlighting as a teen pop star isn’t too relatable, Miley nails what it’s like to rely on your friends in school.

Watch Hannah Montana, rated TV-G, on Disney+.


Hey Arnold!

Having a football shaped head and living with your offbeat grandparents isn’t easy. Just take it from Arnold, who gets relentlessly bullied in the hallways of his school, P.S. 118. Thankfully, he has his best friend Gerald by his side to make things much easier. Hey Arnold! captures growing up in a city so perfectly, it will make you wish you could grow up in his world.

Watch Hey Arnold!, rated TV-Y7, on Paramount+.


High School Musical the Musical: The Series

The students of East High High School set out to put on their own production of High School Musical, but typical school politics get in the way of their production. Aspiring theater students, this show is for you.

Watch High School Musical the Musical: The Series, rated TV-PG, on Disney+.


Kim Possible

Kim Possible is just your average high school cheerleader who happens to save the world from evil villains in her spare time. She makes high school and fighting crime look so easy and like so much fun, even if you can’t relate.

Watch Kim Possible, rated TV-G, on Disney+.


Lizzie McGuire

Find out what is going on in pre-teen Lizzie McGuire’s head in this beloved Disney Channel series. Lizzie knows how tough middle school can get, and this show chronicles all of the ups and downs that come with growing up.

Watch Lizzie McGuire, rated TV-G, on Disney+.


The Magic School Bus

Join Ms. Frizzle, the eccentric teacher, as she leads her classroom on major adventures with her magic school bus. Not only is the series super educational, but it will make your kids want a teacher just as great as Ms. Frizzle.

Watch The Magic School Bus, rated TV-Y, on Netflix.


Make It Pop

Three teenage girls with nothing in common, randomly selected to room together at their boarding school, decide to form a K-Pop inspired group. But soon, these band mates and school mates discover that balancing everything isn’t easy. If your kid is obsessed with BTS, then they will definitely love this show.

Watch Make It Pop, rated TV-G, on Paramount+.


Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Ned Bigby shares all of his expert tips and tricks for surviving middle school with the rest of the world. If there is any problem that you might have with school, Ned certainly can help.

Watch Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, rated TV-G, on Paramount+.



Welcome to Third Street Elementary School, where the students have set up their own class system and set of unwritten laws, all which come out into practice on the playground. If you have a kid that would rather be outside than in the classroom, then this show is for them.

Watch Recess, rated TV-Y7, on Disney+.


Saved By The Bell

The popular and lovable Zack Morris is the schemer at Bayside High School. He, along with his friends, experience crushes, heartbreak, and all that comes with being a student in this beloved sitcom from 1989. If your kids love anything vintage, then they will be obsessed with this show. Just look at the size of their phones!

Watch Saved By The Bell, rated TV-G, on Peacock.


School of Rock

This show, based on the beloved movie by the same name, focuses on a substitute teacher who inspires his students to form a secret rock band while learning lessons — both in school and about friendship — along the way. Because every student dreams of being in a band at some point.

Watch School of Rock, rated TV-G, on Paramount+.


Sister, Sister

Two identical twins, separated at birth, discover each other and decide to live under the same roof with their totally opposite adoptive parents. While the twins look alike, they could not be any more different, which makes navigating school just a bit difficult.

Watch Sister, Sister, rated TV-G, on Paramount+.


Smart Guy

T.J. Henderson is a young genius who went straight from the 4th grade into high school. This isn’t so easy, but with the help of his sporty older brother and chic older sister, he manages to fit in and prove himself to be a “smart guy.”

Watch Smart Guy, rated TV-G, on Disney+.


Shake It Up

Cece and Rocky are two ambitious high school students who attend class by day, and appear on Shake It Up, Chicago! over night. This show is great for any kid with an extra curricular hobby that might distract them from their everyday lives.

Watch Shake It Up, rated TV-G, on Disney+.


Timothy Goes To School

Meet Timothy, an enthusiastic 5-year-old raccoon who is so excited to start school for the first time. This is the perfect series for your first time school attendees, nervous about what is to come.

Watch Timothy Goes To School, rated TV-G, on Amazon Prime Video.



After years of living in her older sister’s shadow, Tori Vega gets her time to shine after being invited to attend Hollywood Arts, a high school for the performing arts. Not only does Tori have to find her inner talent, but she has to find her place at the high school, too, which isn’t easy. Your music loving, Ariana Grande-obsessed tween will love watching this series from 2010.

Watch Victorious, rated TV-G, on Paramount+.


WITS Academy

Andi is the “Guardian of Students” at WITS Academy — the magic world’s most esteemed school for witches and wizards in training. Andi must prove that she can live up to the high expectations of being the academy’s only human Guardian.

Watch WITS Academy, rated TV-G, on Paramount+.


Zoey 101

Zoey Brooks and her younger brother, Dustin, are students at Pacific Coast Academy — a super cool boarding school on the coast of California. Zoey, her brother, and their group of friends have to deal with every day, teen issues while living at the same place they go to school. Just don’t be surprised when your kid starts asking if they can attend Pacific Coast Academy.

Watch Zoey 101, rated TV-G, on Paramount+.