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12 Parenting Lessons From Shrinking

For starters, even therapists mess up with their kids.

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Shrinking on Apple TV+ is chock full of parenting styles, problematic and otherwise. But within every parenting moment there is a nugget of truth, a lesson, and just like the therapists on the show, we’re here to listen.

Note: Spoilers ahead!

#1. Even Therapists Mess Up With Their Kids

Jimmy is a therapist who is so lost in grief for his late wife that he completely ignores that his daughter Alice is also grieving her mother. Hey, therapists are human too.
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#2. Your Kids Just Need You To Show Up

As Jimmy starts trying to reconnect with Alice, the one thing she’s excited about is when he shows up at her soccer match. Because at the end of the day, that’s all kids want — show up.

#3. Find Something That’s Just For You

Liz is an empty nester, mom of three sons trying to find her new path, and that path is rock tumbling. Sure it might not sound like the most fun, but it’s meditative and just for her.
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#4. Get Your Cool Friends To Say Stuff You Can’t

There are certain things Alice doesn’t want to hear from her dad, so he does the smartest thing. He pulls in Gaby, his coolest friend, to check in with her and make sure she’s okay.

#5. Don’t Bring Work Home

Was it appropriate for Jimmy as a therapist to bring his patient Sean home to live with him and his daughter? No. It might be working out, but work should probably stay at work.
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#6. Discipline Is Good For Your Kid, And For You

After Alice steals her dad’s car, Jimmy is nervous to discipline her because he has made so many mistakes. But he realizes that she needs that boundary set, and it becomes a bonding moment between them.
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#7. Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Jimmy has to relearn some aspects of parenting Alice after his wife’s death and it does not come easily to him. So he asks for help, he puts on a brave face, and he fakes it. Until he’s finally making it.

#8. There’s No Shame In Being “Such A Mom”

Gaby once called Liz “such a mom” as a bit of a put down, but it’s a role she learns to embrace. She’s proud of her cookies, she’s tough, she’s nurturing. Being “such a mom” is actually such a compliment.
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#9. You Can’t Just Dip Into Parenting

Paul admits that he was an absent dad who focused too much on his work, but he still is dipping into parenting. Spending time with his daughter when it works for him, not visiting. It doesn’t work.

#10. A Parenting Support System At Work Is Key

Jimmy’s work and his home life are intertwined in a way that actually serves him as a dad. Both Paul and Gaby are invested in his relationship with Alice and act as an incredible support system. What a concept.
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#11. The More People Who Love Your Kid, The Better

Jimmy checked out of parenting for a long time to deal with his grief, but Alice had other people loving her, watching out for her. Paul, Gaby, Liz. Especially Liz. It made a difference to them both.

#12. It’s Never Too Late

Paul messes up with daughter Meg over and over again, but eventually he comes through by showing up. Physically to her son’s concert, emotionally for her. And she just loves it. Because ultimately, it’s never too late with your kids.
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Shrinking is about more than parenting. It’s about love and loss and friendship and mental health. But mostly parenting.

Catch the Season 1 finale on Apple TV+ on Friday, March 24.
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