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10 Steamy Movies On Netflix That Will *Really* Turn You On
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Grab a glass of wine, curl up on the couch, and Netflix and chill.

by Kristin Manna
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The next time you’re looking for something spicy to watch, fire up your favorite streaming service. There’s no shortage of steamy movies to watch on Netflix, including a few scenes that’ll make you wonder just how they got past the site’s content policies. In any event, you can find some pretty sexy movies on Netflix for whenever the mood strikes.

Although Netflix does not show pornography, the site’s micro-genres can help you find some surprisingly sexy content, according to Bustle. Just look for steamy tags. There’s a whole selection of “steamy” films, including some that show content you’d only expect from HBO or similar sites. In fact, in the summer of 2020, the super-sexy film 365 Days set the internet into a tizzy, so much so that there’s a 365 Days sequel already in the works, according to Bustle. (People like to look up spicy stuff online. Who knew?)

So the next time you want to get in the mood and need some visual inspiration, these hot movies on Netflix will do the job. Some are serious and filled with drama, while others are more lighthearted and romantic. But they all feature at least a few scenes with kissing (and way more) sexy content.


365 Days/365 DNI

The Polish film that sent the internet all abuzz in the summer of 2020, 365 Days follows Laura as she’s kidnapped by Massimo, a member of the Sicilian Mafia. She’s given 365 days to fall in love with her captor, and some seriously sensual scenes result.


A Perfect Ending

When Rebecca shares her well-kept secret with sex worker Paris, the two women share experiences they never expected. Part comedy, part drama, this 2012 film definitely earns the “steamy” tag on Netflix.



Laura and Carlos experience the intensity of first love in 2017’s Amar. Set in modern day Spain, the romantic film explores what happens when young love collides with reality. (It doesn’t hurt that the leads are absurdly gorgeous, either.)



A romance for the “swipe right” generation, 2017’s Newness follows Martin and Gabi as they seem to find true love on a dating app. But a later attempt to spice up the relationship leads to some interesting predicaments.


High Society

An art curator and her econ professor husband attempt to join the ultra-elite in 2018’s High Society. It’s a thrilling drama in its own right, and the bedroom scenes are pretty intense.


I Am Jonas

Taking place in both the mid-90s and 2015, I Am Jonas follows a man as he recalls his first love as a teenager. At odds with his current boyfriend, Jonas is unable to forget his love from long ago.


Lang Tong

Billed as “Singapore’s most controversial film!”, 2015’s Lang Tong is a thriller that follows a young woman determined to commit a crime against her sister. A shady con man only complicates the story.


Lust Stories

Four mini-films by different directors, 2018’s Lust Stories looks at relationships and love in modern India. Themes include casual sex, self-love, and clandestine affairs.


Sin City

Successful couple Philip and Julia appear to have it all, and they decide to reconnect over a weekend getaway in 2019’s Sin City. But the steamy thriller turns out to be anything other than a simple vacation. (Just check out the “we can blame it all on the alcohol” scene.)


Basic Instinct

Enjoy a throwback flick with 1992’s Basic Instinct, in which a detective decides a crime novelist seems pretty suspicious for a murder. But really, does the plot even matter? You’re watching for Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas in this classic thriller.

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