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Strawberry Shortcake Takes On All New Adventures In Berry In The Big City

Strawberry Shortcake is back and this time she’s hoping to make all her baking dreams come true in Big Apple City.

Strawberry Shortcake is back with an all-new look. WildBrain is bringing the favorite freckle-faced strawberry-loving gal of the ‘80s to a new generation of kids with a new animated series aimed at kids 3 to 6 year olds. In Berry in the Big City, Strawberry Shortcake travels to Big Apple City, where she and her “berry besties” team up to open some berrylicious food trucks.

“This is a sweet and funny series, with modern, inclusive storytelling that I think today’s kids are going to love,” Berry in the Big City executive producer Michael Vogel said in a statement shared with Romper. “We’ve captured all the adorable sweetness of Strawberry Shortcake while giving her a cool new look and a savvy ‘can do’ attitude, perfect to inspire kids to embrace their dreams and do great things.”

Strawberry Shortcake Has A New Look

While fans of the Strawberry Shortcake character popular in the 1980s may not immediately recognize the star of Berry in the Big City, she’s still the same sweet and positive-thinking gal she’s always been despite trading in her strawberry bonnet for a more modern looking berry beanie. Along with an updated sense of fashion, the Strawberry Shortcake of Berry in the Big City has also been given long, straight pink hair and big dreams of becoming the best baker in the world. Her cat Custard has also been given a new look, as have her friends Orange Blossom, Lime Chiffon, Lemon Meringue, and Blueberry Muffin.

Where To Watch Berry In The Big City

You’ll find episodes of Berry in the Big City on WildBrain’s official Strawberry Shortcake YouTube and YouTube Kids pages. New episodes of the animated series will drop every Saturday at 7 a.m. ET. Families can catch the first episode of Berry in the Big City on YouTube now.

What’s The New Strawberry Shortcake All About

Berry in the Big City will see Strawberry Shortcake leave her small town of Berryville to chase her baking dreams in Big Apple City. The series premiers as our ambitious baker moves in with her aunt, who helps her launch a food truck business in the city’s trendiest neighborhood. But getting her baking dreams off the ground in a brand-new city proves harder than Strawberry Shortcake initially imagined. Thankfully, she meets four girls who are also living out their food-centered entrepreneurial dreams.

Together with Orange Blossom, Lime Chiffon, Lemon Meringue, and Blueberry Muffin, Strawberry Shortcake tackles the challenges and fruit-filled fun of each day with laughter and singing to show kids that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. The first season of Berry in the Big City will introduce viewers to 10 original songs that will eventually be released as animated lyric videos for kids to sing along to.

Can Fans Expect A Second Season Of Berry In The Big City?

The short answer is yes! According to WildBrain, a second 40-episode season of Berry in the Big City is already in the works along with longer, 44-minute CG-animated Strawberry Shortcake family specials.