The four teenage girls of Supa Team 4.
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African Teen Superheroes Save The World In New Supa Team 4 Trailer

The new animated series follows four teen girls living in the futuristic version of Lusaka.

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We’re always excited about a new superhero series, especially if it’s one we can watch with our kids. That’s what we’ve been looking forward to Supa Team 4, which premieres July 20 on Netflix. The eight-episode animated series follows four teen girls living in the futuristic version of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. When they’re recruited by a retired secret agent to help save the world, they have to balance their secret identities and fighting supervillains with homework and the everyday dramas of teen life. Supa Team 4 stars Zowa Ngwira, Namisa Mdlalose, Kimani Arthur, Nancy Sekhokoane, Pamela Nomvete, and John MacMillan.

Supa Team 4 is the streaming service’s first original animated series produced anywhere in Africa, specifically in South Africa by the award-winning Triggerfish Animation Studios and British family entertainment production company CAKE, Variety reports. It was created by Zambian writer Malenga Mulendema, who was one of just eight winners in a pan-African talent search by Triggerfish and The Walt Disney Company in 2015. “In creating a superhero show set in Lusaka, I hope to introduce the world to four strong African girls who save the day in their own fun and crazy way,” Mulemdema told Animation Magazine in 2019. “Most importantly, I want to illustrate that anyone from anywhere can be a superhero.”

Off the bat: badass teen girl superheroes? Afrofuturism? An adorable but also badass grandmotherly figure? An entertaining blend of action and comedy? Female empowerment? Sign. Us. Up. From the music to the unique animation style, this show looks awesome. We can’t wait to follow K-Bongo, Za-Mpezi, M-Kozo, and T-Mlilo get up to in this fun new series.

And would you look at that: it’s premiering just as summer vacation starts to enter its doldrums! You don’t have to park your kid in front of the TV all summer... but also, seriously, no judgment if you do. And you could certainly do worse than a fresh new show that teaches them that anyone gets to be a superhero.

Supa Team 4 premieres on July 20 as part of Netflix’s Family Summer lineup, which will feature new kids and family movies and series every week this summer.

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