For Real Life?!

Surprise! A New Bluey Episode Will Drop Sunday April 21

“Surprise” will be the final episode of Season 3.

Just when we thought we thought we’d have to wait forever for new episodes of our favorite show... erm... that is our kids’ favorite show, we just got the great news that a brand new episode of Bluey is coming on Sunday, April 21. Wackadoo!

The aptly titled “Surprise” premieres on Disney+ at 12:00 a.m. PT (3:00 a.m. ET), and on Disney Junior and the Disney Channel at 7:30 a.m. PT (10:30 a.m. ET). Obviously you’ll be able to stream on Disney+ whenever you want, but if you only have access to cable, never you fear! There will be multiple re-airings throughout the day.

Many fans assumed that “The Sign,” an extra-long episode centered on Uncle Rad and Aunt Frisky’s wedding and the Heeler family’s impending (but avoided) move would be the final episode of the season. Some even speculated/feared that it would be the final episode ever. Fortunately, there’s more where that came from. This 50th episode is listed on IMDB with the log line: “Bluey and Bingo want Dad to play two different games, so Dad tries to play both at the same time.” So it seems like this is a return to form after the emotional wreckage of “The Sign.” A little palate cleanser, if you will.

But it’s a cleanser that will likely have to tide us over for a while. While Season 4 has been confirmed (*looks directly at camera and raises arms* Hooray!), executive producer Daley Pearson has said that the show will go on hiatus for a bit after this last season and, honestly, we get it. While episodes usually clock in somewhere between seven and nine minutes, each one takes between three and four months to make. (Animation alone takes four weeks, which makes sense when you consider the level of detail that goes into each episode.) Bluey first aired in October 2018 and Ludo Studios has made more than 150 episodes in that time, back to back. Needless to say they deserve any rest they want to take.

But we’re looking too far ahead. For now, let us all happily enjoy the thought of more Bluey goodness heading out way this very weekend! And fortunately, since the episodes are so succinct, we don’t even have to clear our calendars to enjoy! We can’t wait.