Brett from Big Brother hugging a robot mascot
10 Twitter Reactions To Brett On 'Big Brother' That Show Fans Want Him To Stay
by Zakiya Jamal

Love him or hate him Brett definitely brings a lot of entertainment to this season of Big Brother. From his ridiculous goodbye messages and diary room entries to his antics in the house, you can always count on Brett for a good laugh. During Wednesday night's episode, Brett's high energy seemed to be at 100 percent and his personality along with his mustache, goatee, and power of veto competition outfit gave Big Brother fans a lot to talk about. Below are the 10 best Twitter reactions to Brett on Big Brother.

When this season of Big Brother first began, Brett was not really on anyone's radar. At the start of the show Brett was only known for his bromance with Winston, but after Winston was evicted it is almost hard to even remember that bromance existed. It was as if once Winston was gone Brett came out of his shell. Not only did he start engaging more with the other houseguests, he also has the other side of the house convinced he is on their side and not in the Level 6 alliance, which is great gameplay on his part. Additionally, he has also cozied up to Haleigh, which infuriates Faysal causing a small amount of drama in the house that is fun to watch.

Somehow Brett has become the talk of the town and even if he does not win this season he will certainly be a Big Brother player to remember. Check out some of what Big Brother fans are saying about him below.

Accepting You Are A Brett Fan

At first, many people were anti-Brett for a number of reasons, but the main one was rumors that he was a Trump supporter. Whether or not that is true, many fans have changed their mind deciding they are rooting for Brett in this crazy game.

He Is A Funny Guy

With all the drama that can sometimes go on in the house it is always good to get a good laugh in and Brett certainly provides that week after week.

Somehow Brett's Strategies Continue To Work

Is Brett playing a smart game? Early in the season most fans probably would have said Brett was not playing the game at all, but now it seems Brett has figured out what he is doing. Most notably, in the veto competition, rather than use his time to find the other veto cards hidden around the house he just barricaded his in the have-not room.

Is He Trying Out For WWE?

Between his outfit and his antics in the diary room, Brett definitely looked like one of the wrestlers you see on WWE. He would fit right in with that crowd.

He Has Great One Liners

Brett was at his best when he was just talking straight to the camera in the diary room. He always came up with funny one liners that made him stand out.

The Similarities Are Uncanny

On Wednesday night's episode fans thought Brett looked quite familiar. Many fans agreed he looked like Ben Stiller in Dodgeball.

Brett May Be The Funniest 'Big Brother' Player Ever

Comparisons between Brett and past Big Brother players happen often, but some are arguing Brett may be the best to ever do it in terms of making viewers laugh.

Even If Brett Does Not Win, He Still Wins

Whether or not Brett comes out as the victor of this season, he is definitely winning at his diary room videos. Additionally, because his fan base gets bigger and bigger with each passing week Brett actually has a good shot at winning America's Favorite Houseguest, which will give him $25,000. Not the grand prize, but it would be better than nothing.

It's A Love/Hate Relationship

Although many people have jumped on the Brett train, others still don't really like him but cannot help but be entertained by him all the same.

Brett Is A Little Too Loud

While most fans enjoy Brett's DR entries, others think he needs to turn down the volume just a tad.

Thankfully, since Brett won the power of veto this week, he will undoubtedly take himself off the block, which means fans will get to see Brett's antics in the house continue for at least another week.