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Michael Scott of The Office dressed as Santa.

Every Christmas Episode Of The Office To Watch... Alongside Your Yankee Swap

From Secret Santa to Belsnickel, the gang at Dunder-Mifflin always knew how to throw a party

Christmas episodes of our favorite TV shows are often some of our favorite of the year. Maybe it’s the combination of the comfort of the holidays with the comfort of beloved characters, and are there any more beloved characters than our friends on The Office? We’ve put together a complete list of every Christmas episode of The Office — what they are and how to watch them — because what better way to spend this holiday season that cozy under a blanket and laughing our butts off?

There Are Seven Christmas Episodes of The Office

Two of theses episodes, however, are two-parters, so depending on how you count one could also say there are nine.

  • Season 2, Episode 10: “Christmas Party”: When Jim draws Pam’s name for the office-wide Secret Santa, he’s excited to have the chance to give her something meaningful – a teapot full of mementos and a heartfelt letter from him to her. But when Michael’s $400 video iPod disrupts the balance of office exchange (to say nothing of the $20 limit), Secret Santa becomes a Yankee Swap. Things go about as off-the-wall and awkward as you’d expect as Jim scrambles to get his confession of love back from the new owner of the teapot.
  • Season 3, Episodes 10 & 11: “A Benihana Christmas”: After Michael sends out a family Christmas card with his head superimposed over his girlfriend Carol’s ex-husband, she breaks up with him, leaving him alone with his gift for her: two tickets to Jamaica. Andy takes Michael, Dwight, and Jim to Benihana, and encourages Michael to forget his troubles by asking out their waitress. Meanwhile, back at Dunder-Mifflin, Karen and Pam challenge Angela’s supremacy as the head of the Party Planning Committee by throwing a rival Christmas party hosted by “The Committee to Plan Parties.”
  • Season 5, Episode 11: “Moroccan Christmas”: Phyllis is the new head of the Party Planning Committee and decides to throw a Moroccan-themed Christmas Party, but things go awry when Meredith gets a little too tipsy and sets her hair on fire. Meanwhile, Dwight concocts a scheme to cash in on the season by scalping the hottest toy of the season, the Princess Unicorn doll. Former Committee leader Angela grows increasingly annoyed but this untraditional Christmas theme, but acquiesces to Phyllis’ increasing bossiness and demands to keep Phyllis quiet about Angela’s affair with Dwight.
  • Season 6, Episode 13: “Secret Santa”: It’s a Battle of the Santas in this episode. Michael, decked out in full Kris Kringle garb, is upset when Phyllis has already been assigned the role of “Office Santa” and is determined to steal her thunder (even though everyone else is enjoying Phyllis as St. Nick). But just when it seems that Michael’s jealousy (and Andy’s extravagant “12 Days of Christmas” gifts of live birds to Erin) are the height of Christmas drama, Michael receives word that Dunder Mifflin is going to be sold and people might lose their jobs.
  • Season 7, Episodes 11 & 12: “Classy Christmas”: When Toby takes a leave of absence to serve on the jury for the Scranton Strangler case, corporate sends Holly, Michael’s not-so-secret crush, to fill in. Desperate to impress her, Michael scrambles (read: “makes Pam”) to throw a second, “classy” Christmas party. As Michael tries to win over the chipper HR rep. Meanwhile, Darryl struggles to entertain his daughter, Jada; Pam struggles to make Jim the perfect Christmas comic book; and Jim struggles to evade Dwight’s diabolical snowball attacks.
  • Season 8, Episode 10: “Christmas Wishes”: Andy is doing his best to make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true, but that’s difficult with Erin emotionally torn up about his new girlfriend, Jessica. It’s also difficult with Jim and Dwight escalating a series of wild pranks against one another constantly. And to make matters worse, the generally off-putting Robert California is in town, fresh off a divorce, and appears to have his eye on an increasingly intoxicated Erin...
  • Season 9, Episode 9: “Dwight Christmas”: When the Party Planning Committee lets their duties fall by the wayside, Jim encourages Dwight to organize a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas (Schrute style). Dwight dresses up as Belsnickel, the somewhat terrifying Germanic Christmas figure who gives gifts, but also beats children with switches. Things go... how you might expect.

You Can Stream The Office On Peacock

After years on Netflix, The Office is now streaming on NBC’s service, Peacock, where you can find all 201 hilarious episodes. Seasons 1 through 5 are free without a paid subscription. With a Premium Peacock subscription, you can have access to Seasons 6 through 9, as well as “Superfan Episodes,” which include deleted scenes from Seasons 1 through 3. (For the purposes of this article, that means you’ll be able to watch an extended version of “Christmas Party.”)

You Can Buy Some Christmas Favorites, Or Catch Episodes On Comedy Central

Amazon Prime, YouTube, and iTunes all offer all seasons of the beloved show for purchase. The Office: Secret Santa Pack Features Christmas Episodes on DVD. While it’s not every Christmas episode (it only includes the ones through Season 6), it features lots of bonus footage and Behind-The-Scenes features. The show also airs on Comedy Central, and will through the end of 2021, so check your local listings.