Hot Potato, Hot Potato

The Wiggles/ TikTok

The Wiggles Just Released A Rave Album & Parents Are Losing Their Minds

We did not know we needed this.

Some of the most inspired art of our time comes from the melding of wildly disparate styles or subjects to make something wholly original. Impeccable technique + deconstructed abstract images = Picasso. Rap + the Founding Fathers? Hamilton. And now: The Wiggles + EDM = The Wiggles Soundsystem: Rave of Innocence, a full album of remixed Wiggles classics like “Fruit Salad” and “Hot Potato.” We did not see this coming and that’s kind of half the fun.

As silly as it is fun, the album features 14 tracks remixed by Lenny Pearce, who also happens to be the twin brother of the “Purple Wiggle” (that’s right, friends: “Big Strong John” has a twin brother because God is good) and DJ Dorothy (aka Dorothy the Dinosaur). This album is perfect for grown-ups who grew up on The Wiggles and current fans, who are very likely the children of OG Wiggle-Heads, which is what I assume Wiggles fans call themselves. It’s also perfect for any parent who misses their days as a club kid now that they have children of their own.

“It’s so incredible seeing people in their 20s and 30s who grew up enjoying our music in a whole new fun way, this remix album is sort of an extension of that,” said Anthony Field (aka Blue Wiggle), in a statement. “It’s wild ride — DJ Dorothy is on fire!”

We expect no less from our favorite “rosasaur.”

Needless to say, this unexpected drop is nourishing our inner child in ways we didn’t know we needed.

“The Wiggles just released an album of EDM versions of their songs, and honestly it made the entire break room’s morning to listen to Toot Too, Chugga, Chugga, Big Red Car,” tweeted @mandy-pelle.

“no bcs why didn’t anyone tell me that the WIGGLES and lenny pearce just dropped a kids techno/edm album??” asked @teatreeboxes. “Twinkle twinkle little star goes CRAZY.”

“If someone had told me as a kid the wiggles classics would be remixed as an edm album in my 30s by Lenny from justice crew and Dorothy the dinosaur I would have laughed in your face Yet here we are,” agreed @ebunny061. “And it's catchy af lol.”

The Wiggles posted a sample of “Fuit Salad” on TikTok and fans there were equally enthused.

“This is gonna sound so good in the car. Can’t wait for all the funny looks,” one joked.

“Need you guys to go on the edm festival circuit,” said another.

Reaction to the album has been overwhelmingly positive and, truly, we love this. It just goes to show that kids entertainment can be something the whole family can enjoy... also that between The Wiggles and Bluey, Australia is quickly becoming the GOAT in family entertainment.