Super Bowl

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All The Hilarious Things People Were Thinking During The Weeknd’s Halftime Show

"When you lose your mom in the grocery store as a kid."

by Casey Suglia

The Weeknd's halftime performance at Super Bowl 55 was a dizzying, mystifying, and entertaining work of art. But these tweets about The Weeknd's halftime show are just as good as the show itself, if you're i the mood for a good laugh.

Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, took to the football field on Sunday to perform a number of his biggest hits from his career. From the high energy, '80s-inspired hit "Blinding Lights" to the soulful song "The Hills," The Weeknd's performance had people at home dancing in their seats, singing into their chicken wings. While his blinding, mirrored gold maze set had some people scratching their heads, others were finding it to be a little too relatable.

No, hear me out. The Weeknd spinning on the gilded, mirrored set, singing alongside dancers wearing those odd "masks" on their faces, was relatable. I mean, who hasn't felt dizzy? Feeling like you're spinning out of control — or walking in circles — is par for the course. Especially after 2020 was so unpredictable, and 2021 has already felt like a wild ride.

Whether his performance reminded you of a wild night out away from the kids, or that time you tried to pet a dog (seriously), these tweets about The Weeknd's halftime show will have you laughing out loud.

"Mom? Mommy?"

I still get scared someone is going to leave me in the freezer aisle to this day. Thanks, Mom.

It's Always The Left One

They always seem to go missing right as they're headed out the door, without fail.

Serious Flashbacks

It was scary, alright?

2006 Was A Good Year

Just dance like no one is watching.

Snack Time

Those tasty little snacks can never heat up fast enough.

"I'm Bored"

Any mom knows that if you sit still enough, they might not find you.

Puppers, Please

Pets to the puppies come first. Pleasantries come second.

The Year That Never Ends

Why does it feel like it's still 2020?

Sunday Scaries

"Hi! Hope you had a great weekend. Just circling back around..."

Giving Show & Tell A New Meaning

When you have an iPad, anything is possible on virtual school days.

Like Finding Gold

I still get defensive about my toilet paper.

The Weeknd should be thanked for producing such great memes and tweets.