Vanessa and Nick Lachey hosting Love is Blind Season 4 on Netflix.

Love Is Blind Fans Called Out Vanessa Lachey For Asking All Those Baby Questions

“Talk about insensitive and invasive.”

by Kaitlin Kimont

Like the first three seasons of Netflix’s hit reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 4 was full of drama and suspense. Some couples made it to the altar, some did not, and they all hashed it out at the (not-so-live) reunion special. That’s all expected. But what really came out of left field was host Vanessa Lachey’s incessant questions about the married couples’ baby plans that made many viewers upset and uncomfortable. Honestly, you could cut the awkwardness with a knife.

Towards the end of the reunion, Netflix’s first live reunion show that was delayed for hours due to technical difficulties as millions of viewers logged on at the same time to watch, Lachey, who hosts the show with her husband Nick, brought up the subject of babies. “Auntie Vanessa is still hoping for that Love is Blind baby,” she said, prompting all the couples to awkwardly explain their reproductive choices in front of a live audience.

Bartise Bowden from Love is Blind Season 3 even made an appearance, holding his newborn baby boy, and asked the couples in a recorded segment, “Who is going to be the first to become parents?” At which point Lachey then said, “OK, seriously, if that doesn’t make your ovaries burn, I don’t know.”

Brett Brown, who married Tiffany Pennywell at the end of Season 4, perhaps responded best when he said, “Jesus, y’all really put the baby pressure. My God.” But Brown wasn’t the only one to call out just how uncomfortable and awkward the questioning was. One viewer who shared a compilation video of the baby comments on TikTok said it “rubbed me the wrong way and felt inconsiderate to the women.”

“They are not baby machines and this show was about finding love, not making babies,” @manonward wrote on TikTok. “Also, to not know if they are even able to have babies, [it’s] just a very personal question that was brought up way too many times. Good job Brett! Big yikes from me.”

Another was disgusted by the “constant pressure” about babies. “There was a lot wrong with Vanessa’s hosting tonight, but the constant pressure about a ‘#LoveisBlind baby’ was just gross,” @cassiegrimm3 tweeted. “Any of those couples could be struggling to conceive, and having to answer to that on ‘live’ TV would be extremely painful.”

“The cast is nicer than me. Every time Vanessa asks about ‘Love is Blind Babies’ Id be like ‘DO YOU HAVE SOME LOVE IS BLIND DAYCARE TUITION?’ ‘SOME LOVE IS BLIND DIAPERS?’ ‘A LOVE IS BLIND TRUST FUND???’ Girl get out they uteruses,” @BgDivested tweeted.

Another viewer said it was “kind of cringe” to watch the reunion because of Lachey’s questions. “The push on babies on the Love is Blind Reunion was kind of cringe,” @jjallday_ tweeted. “They have no idea if some of them struggle with fertility, if some had already dealt with a miscarriage they aren’t ready to talk about.”

One more called Lachey’s questioning “invasive” and called on Netflix to do better. “Did anyone else find it wildly inappropriate how hard Vanessa Lachey was pushing the baby thing? Talk about insensitive and invasive. I’m so sick of this narrative that a baby equates to a successful relationship,” @jenegan2 tweeted. “Not to mention, who knows if the couples even WANT children (it’s okay to not) or if they are even ABLE to have children. So many individuals struggle with infertility. It was uncomfortable to watch.. Netflix you can do better.”

While fans have even taken to Lachey’s Instagram with comments like “Stop asking people about babies!!!” and “Really wish you wouldn’t ask so many pregnancy questions,” she has has not publicly addressed the backlash.

As all these tweets, comments, and TikToks touch on, questioning anyone, especially those who are barely your acquaintances, about their reproductive choices and family planning is out of line, insensitive, and just plain nosey. Considering that recent data from the World Health Organization (WHO) found that 1 in 6 people globally are affected by infertility and new research that says a growing number of adults simply don’t want children, Lachey’s comments felt outdated and unnecessary. Sure, one could argue that the Love is Blind cast put their romantic lives out there for viewers to scrutinize and comment on by being on a reality dating show, but the line should be drawn there.