Cover Star

Kevin Hart Reveals The Hilariously Terrible Gifts His Kids Have Given Him

“They made me a mask. It was out of a bra, which was weird.”

by Romper Staff
Father's Day Issue 2021

Romper asked our June 2021 cover star Kevin Hart to tell us the funniest gifts he’s received from his kids and what dads really want this Father’s Day. Here’s what he had to say.

Handmade Gifts Are Cute… But There’s A Limit

“When the mask thing started they made me a mask. It was out of a bra, which was weird.”

Know Your Audience

“[They gave me] an apron with their handprints all over it. And it said, ‘An apron with love from us to you, dad.’ I've never cooked anything in my house.”

There’s Also A Limit On What We Count As “Vintage Shopping”

“I love watches, the kids know I love watches, so they gave me one of my watches back. This was clearly my watch. They just took it the morning of Christmas, wrapped it, put it in the stocking.”

At Least You Tried

“When they finally did try to spend some money, they brought me an umbrella. This is when we were in a drought, it hadn’t rained in I don’t know how long. So I don’t know what I was supposed to do with that.”

Actions Don’t Always Speak Louder Than Words

“Advice for any kid out there that wants to give a gift to their father. Just words. ‘I love you’s. Cards. I think the traditional socks, umbrella, or a tie, that's over. I don't think you guys should still be following that pattern anymore. I feel like you guys can do better. Google some stuff.”

I Love You… Now Please Go Away

“Get us simple stuff: coupons! Coupons to do stuff by ourselves. A movie ticket! Let him go see a movie by himself!”

Sometimes, The Greatest Gift Is What You Don’t Do

“A day pass! ‘Dad, when you cash in this day pass, we all gotta leave you alone.’ I think that would be an amazing gift.

Are We There Yet?

“A silent car ride, ‘Dad, if you cash in this coupon we’re going to get in the car with you and we’re not going to be annoying.’ Oh my God, the value in that…”

(Not) Sharing Is Caring

“How about whatever food I get, I get to eat? How about that? How about no eating off of dad's plate when you have your own food? Why’s my food always better than everybody else's for some reason?”

Please Sir, I Want Some — “No!”

“How about, how about I get to say ‘no’ one time and nobody gets mad.”