Everything Virgin River Can Teach Us About Parenting

It’s not just smooching and sultry side glances!


Virgin River on Netflix might be predominantly a romantic series, following the complicated love story of bar owner Jack and Mel, but there’s so much good parenting stuff in there, too. (Note: Spoilers ahead!)


#1. Pregnancy loss changes everything.

Nurse practitioner Mel arrives in Virgin River as a heartbroken woman. She suffered a pregnancy loss that left her reeling for months, because that kind of loss really changes everything.


#2. Parenting surprises you.

Just ask Jack, who is expecting twins with his ex-girlfriend Charmaine and could possibly be the father of Mel’s baby. Fatherhood is a continual surprise for him.


#3. Postpartum depression is no joke.

When Mel discovers an abandoned baby in Season 1, she finds out the baby’s mom Lilly is struggling with postpartum depression. It’s a condition she understood all too well after her own loss.

#4. Being a single mom is tough.

Paige seemed to have it all together, running her cute bakery truck and raising son Christopher. But the reality was, she was terrified of her ex-husband and trying to do it all on her own.

#5. You can be too protective.

Ricky and Lizzie are a cute couple of teens in Virgin River trying to find time alone, and Lizzie’s aunt refuses to trust them. It might be a good idea to let them be before they rebel.


#6. You don’t have to be a parent to parent.

After Paige disappears, Preacher steps in to take care of Christopher. And proves to be a natural father-figure for the frightened little boy.


#7. Rainbow babies bring up big feelings.

The end of Season 3 sees Mel pregnant for the second time, and there are a whole lot of emotions being stirred up. Not least because she’s unsure whose baby it might be.


#8. Date as a parent with caution.

Jack’s ex-girlfriend Charmaine plans on leaving town with her new boyfriend and their twins. Preacher and Paige were together for almost no time before things got dicey. Dating as a parent is a whole different ball game.


#9. You never stop being a mom.

Even when you’re dying. Lilly’s passing at the end of Season 3 was all about preparing everyone around her for the tragedy. Especially her two daughters, Tara and Chloe. Because that’s motherhood.


#10. You can make motherhood happen on your own terms.

Mel wanted a baby, and she made it happen for herself. Whether that baby is Jack’s or her late husband’s, she made sure she was going to be a mom.