'Workin' Moms' is full of parenting insight and has six seasons available to stream on Netflix.

10 Ways Workin’ Moms Is Basically A Crash Course In Parenting

From pumping at work to lice breakouts, Workin’ Moms covers it all.

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None of the moms from Workin’ Moms are perfect. They’re all flawed and complicated, which is what makes the show so dang real. In fact, it’s full of spot-on parenting lessons.

#1. Breastfeeding is hard.

When Kate goes back to work in Season 1, she has to pump in the bathroom while also working and listening to people do their *business* in the next stall. Never let anyone tell you breastfeeding is easy.

#2. Postpartum depression is real.

Frankie’s struggle with postpartum depression is super relatable, perhaps because Workin’ Moms creator Catherine Reitman struggled herself. In fact, that’s one of the reasons she created the series, so take PPD seriously.

#3. Lice happens.

You can go ahead and tell yourself that you and your kid won’t get lice, but you’ll probably end up with a camp outbreak like Kate did in Season 4. It just happens. Just try not to bring it to work.

#4. Say goodbye to sexy time.

The first three seasons of Workin’ Moms saw Kate and Nathan struggling to find time for their relationship and even dealing with infidelity. Babies don’t always bring us closer; it can be tough to stay close while trying to raise a human.

#5. You’ll do anything to protect your kids.

Anne’s husband Lionel becomes internet famous after he punches his daughter’s boyfriend on video in Season 5. This is not normal behaviour for the dad, but protecting your kids turns you into someone else sometimes.

#6. You’re more than just a mom.

Workin’ Moms is ultimately about finding the balance between career and motherhood. Between self and child. And it’s a good reminder that you are allowed to retain your own sense of self as a mom.

#7. Teens put you through it.

Alice really puts Anne through it as a teenager, but no more so than any other teenager on the planet. As Anne learns, when they stop worrying about how you think about them... the gloves really come off.

#8. Motherhood is lonely without friends.

As important as the other relationships are, Workin’ Moms is essentially a love story between best friends, Anne and Kate. This show, more than most, is a reminder of how deeply moms need their friends to stay close.

#9. Dating is different.

Jenny has been dating as a mom, and things have gotten weird. Like, faking a pregnancy to keep a boyfriend then finding out she’s actually pregnant weird. Dating as a parent. It’s just weird.

#10. No one gets to tell you how to parent.

No two moms on Workin’ Moms are the same. They each carve their own path as parents, make mistakes, and most importantly; respect each other’s differences. Because no one gets to tell you how to be a mom.


There’s so much to be learned from Workin’ Moms that you can watch and rewatch and learn something new every time. So go ahead and do that. Watch all six seasons of Workin’ Moms on Netflix on your own or with a pal.

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