The main cast members of the Dutton family on 'Yellowstone.'

A Breakdown Of Who’s Who From The Dutton Family On Yellowstone

They’re not your average family...


The Dutton family on Yellowstone is a fascinating bunch, and it really takes a deep dive into their history to understand exactly why they are the way they are.

Note: Spoilers from Season 1 through 4 are ahead.

John Dutton II

John Dutton II founded the Yellowstone Ranch and passed it on to his son when he died in his 90s. A father to two sons, one of whom died, he was born to a legendary family of ranchers himself. Little is known about his wife; perhaps we’ll find out in new seasons.

John Dutton III

The true patriarch of the family. John Dutton III has taken his family’s legacy at Yellowstone very seriously. He plans to pass the massive ranch on to one of his four kids, but he’s still busy running things himself.

Evelyn Dutton

Evelyn Dutton tragically died in 1997 while horseback riding with two of her children. Her death left her children scarred, particularly son Kayce who tried to save her and daughter Beth, who went for help.

Lee Dutton

John Dutton’s oldest (and probably favorite) child Lee was the natural heir to Yellowstone as a committed ranch hand, but was killed in a confrontation over stolen cattle. Lee’s death, of course, changed everything.

Kayce Dutton

Lee’s younger brother Kayce left the family to marry schoolteacher Monica and live on the Broken Rock reservation. He returned to avenge his brother’s death and now lives at Yellowstone with his family.

Beth Dutton

John Dutton’s only daughter Beth is all about climbing that corporate ladder even as she’s the most loyal of all the Dutton clan. She and husband Rip Wheeler are unable to have children, and took in a troubled child named Carter after his father died.

Jamie Dutton

In Season 4, we find out the youngest Dutton, lawyer Jamie, is adopted. He had a falling out with the family after it was revealed that he took Beth to have an abortion and decided for her that she’d be forcibly sterilized. He has since had his own child.

Tate Dutton

Grandson of John Dutton, Tate is the son of Kayce and Monica. Moving to the Yellowstone ranch has seen him get closer to his Dutton family. It’s also seen him kidnapped and held hostage by militia, so it’s a mixed bag of tricks for Tate.


The Dutton family continues to grow, change, and hurt each other in ways that are both relatable and outrageous. And this will surely carry on when Season 5 premieres in Summer 2022.

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