Yes, You’ll Rediscover The Magic When You Take Your Kid To Disneyland Resort — Here’s Why

No matter what adulthood has tried to make you believe, magic is still alive and well.

Written by Katie Cloyd

Do you remember when you believed in fairy tales? You truly, deeply supposed that some girls had fairy godmothers who could wave a wand and turn a pumpkin into a beautiful stagecoach, ready to transport her to a castle to capture the heart of a handsome prince. True love’s kiss was the answer to any poison an evil witch could send your way, whether via apple or spindle.

Somewhere along the way, you became a grown-up. Pumpkins are just ingredients in your lattes, apples are just snacks for your kids’ lunchboxes, and spindles?

What even is a spindle?

Oh, and true love’s kiss? Let’s just say, frogs never, ever turn into princes, and the most handsome of princes are just regular guys who know how to load a dishwasher.

But no matter what adulthood has tried to make you believe, magic is still alive and well. For proof, you need only take your child’s hand and walk through the gates of Disneyland Resort.

Why should you take your family to the “Happiest Place on Earth”?

1. Because it’s the happiest place on earth.

Is there any quintessential Disney joy quite like visiting the Mad Hatter to get your child’s name embroidered on a Mickey ears hat? How can you be cranky in matching family vacation shirts and Mouse ears? It’s the only thing at Disneyland that’s hard to come by.

While you’re in Fantasyland, you can pop next door to Mad Tea Party for a spin in a giant teacup, and then meet Tinker Bell in Pixie Hollow.


2. Because Disneyland Resort is the perfect place to recapture your belief in magic.

Take a look at your children. They still believe that fast-talking race cars and rusty old tow trucks make the very best of friends. When your family takes the first step into Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park, you’ll believe it, too. You can meet Lightning McQueen and Mater, grab a delicious treat at Flo’s V8 Cafe, or take a spin on Radiator Springs Racers.

3. Because you can introduce your kids to new magic by throwing it back to the classics.

Remember when it seemed reasonable to you that a baby elephant could fly if he clutched a magic feather and flapped his big, adorable ears like wings? Pass that old-school magic onto your little ones with a spin on Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Take your family on a happy little sail through “it’s a small world.” While you relive the simple, gentle ride that’s been loved for generations, you can search for all the Disney characters that joined their home countries in the attraction in 2009. Look for Cinderella in France, Peter Pan in England, and even Woody the Cowboy in the American West.

4. Because Disneyland Resort is the perfect place to reignite imagination and leave your worries behind.

At Disney California Adventure Park, make The Little Mermaid part of your world and sing along to all the classic songs in The Little Mermaid - Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. At Disneyland Park, search for Captain Jack Sparrow as you set sail at Pirates of the Caribbean. Then visit the reimagined Mickey’s Toontown and watch the wonder on your child’s face as they meet Mickey Mouse at his very own house, or enjoy a picnic in CenTOONial Park and then splash, play, and cool down at Donald’s Duck Pond. You may be a grown-up with kids of your own now, but at Disneyland, your childlike playfulness is welcome in every inch of the resort.

5. Because Disneyland Resort offers so much more than just rides.

There is magic for everyone at Disneyland Resort. If shopping is your favorite way to relax, Disneyland provides opportunities to purchase everything from classic vacation souvenirs like mugs and sweatshirts to home décor pieces. When you’re standing next to Mickey Mouse, how can you help but smile from ear to ear? Disney shows are put on by world-class performers, and they’re the perfect way to rest and recharge during a long, exciting day. You can take in the “Magic Happens” Parade, then celebrate The Lion King with the uplifting live show Tale of the Lion King. Disneyland even provides opportunities to just play. Check out Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland Park or Redwood Creek Challenge Trail at Disney California Adventure Park for some self-guided exploration.

Disneyland Resort offers a variety of tickets, price points (kids under 3 don’t require a ticket!) and resources to make a trip more relaxing, including a Baby Care Center, stroller rentals, and mobile food and beverage ordering. You can manage your own vacation in the Disneyland app or use a Disney travel agent to make your vacation seamless. In the resort, cast members are on hand to help you make sure you don’t miss a minute of Disney enchantment.

When you’re a grown-up, magic isn’t always easy to find. At Disneyland Resort, there’s an unending supply of faith, trust, and pixie dust just waiting to sweep you off your feet and remind you that sometimes, even if for just a little while, fairytales really do come true. Plan your trip today!

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