Bluey: For Real Life

Zillow Takes Inspiration From Bluey In Adorable New Commercial

(Does the narrator sound familiar? He should...)

At this point it goes without saying that we all love Bluey. But that doesn’t mean everyone was happy with the eagerly anticipated, extra-long episode “The Sign.” Some parents found Heeler’s last minute decision not to move unrealistic. (This might sound like a weird thing to say about a cartoon for preschoolers, but: IYKYK) Moreover, it made for some difficult conversations among families that are already in the midst of a move. So Ryan Reynolds’ production company and Zillow have decided to speak on it in an adorable new commercial.

“A Moving Commercial” from Zillow and Maximum Effort Productions features shots of a house in the throes of a big move as a narrator explains that a home is more than just the assorted parts of a house. It’s a place where memories are made.

“But despite how a certain children’s show made us all feel recently,” he says with cheeky warmth, “moving just might be a good thing!”

It isn’t long before we see two blue heelers and two red heelers in front of their home with a “For Sale” sign out front. We appreciate the callout to the show — including some very familiar shots — and the somewhat more positive outlook on moving.

And if that warm but cheeky Australian voice narrating the commercial sounds familiar, that’s because it’s none other than Dan Brumm, a sound designer on the series and the voice of Uncle Stripe himself!

Of course, Bluey did undeniably get one thing right about a big move: it is hard. In fact, Zillow research has found that 51% of parents cry at least once while selling their home. (As someone who cries if she sees a particularly cute picture of a baby pig on the internet, I get it.) Fortunately, 81% say their most recent move was worth it. Whew!

And while they did decide moving isn’t the right choice for them, even the Heelers can recognize the positives of a move. The oft repeated mantra “We’ll see,” allowed them to find a kind of melancholy optimism in whatever lay ahead of them. Even sad moments, Bluey comes to understand, can lead to something good.