Fall Means More Indoor Play: Here Are 6 Toys To Entertain Your Little Ones For Hours


Do you ever feel like entertaining your little ones is significantly easier in the summer? Between trips to the pool, days at the park, and just letting them run around in the yard, there hardly ever seems to be any downtime — that is, until fall rolls around and the temperature drops. The idea of being cooped up indoors with small children for months might be daunting, but having plenty of toys that will entertain and intellectually stimulate them is key to preserving your sanity — and theirs too!

To help you and your kids prepare for the next several cold-weather months, we’re taking a look at some of the new toys from Walmart.com that are sure to be lifesavers during indoor-play season. From family-friendly games to building sets for the tiny architect, here are six toys that have something to offer for every person in the house — all at the affordable Walmart prices we know and love.