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Here’s How To Set Up Your Kitchen To Prepare For Baby’s Transition To Solids

By Allison Berry

Ahh, the big transition to solid foods. It’s a monumental milestone in your baby’s life for so many reasons! For one, you’re entering an exciting phase where you can begin introducing your little one to your family’s favorite flavors and dishes, which will help form a palette that lasts a lifetime. But you’re also entering a phase where your countertops, floors, and food storage areas will never be the same again, and let’s be honest: This part is far less fun than your baby’s culinary adventures.

To help you keep the focus on the joy of feeding your baby new foods, Romper partnered with Target to compile the latest and greatest products that will help you prepare your kitchen for this new chapter. Pick up some useful tips below, then shop everything you see here over at target.com.


There’s more than one approach for beginning baby’s journey with solids, so there’s going to be more than one way to prepare for their big moment. If you’re opting to make your own baby food, stock up on a genius two-in-one steamer and food processor duo, plus some helpful storage solutions like a flexible silicone freezer tray that lets you freeze and serve perfect portion sizes of homemade food.

The Ready-To-Go

Looking for some pre-made meals you can trust? Check out Happy Baby Organics' line of ready-to-eat fruit and vegetable baby foods. They come in a wide variety of recipes so you can expose your baby to new flavors, plus they’re USDA organic, non-GMO certified, and super convenient. Serve it straight out of the jar with designed-for-baby spoons that are made without BPA, PVC and phthalates — or help baby learn to serve themselves out of a dishwasher-safe bowl of the same quality.

Aside from making sure you have plenty of trustworthy food and serving ware, the last few must-haves are a sturdy high chair that converts into a booster seat as your baby grows, plus some easy-to-clean silicone bibs and a bio-based all purpose cleaner that’ll cut through even the biggest of meal time messes. With these heroic products at the ready, all that’s left for you to do is savor this fun new stage while your baby savors all of these new, exciting flavors!

Photo: Jenna Gang; Art Director: Julie Vaccaro; Prop Stylist: Anna Lemi; Production Manager: Sam Ulban; Editor: Allison Berry.