A little girl leaning towards a pool wearing the Safety Turtle Swimming Pool Alarm
12 Genius Items That Keep Your Kid Safe When They’re Away From You
by Kate Johnson

There are many ways to parent a child, but at the core, all moms have one thing in common: they want their children to be safe, and this can send them on a goose hunt for items that keep kids safe when they're away from their moms. New parents pore over sites to find the safest car seats for infants. And as those infants grow into curious toddlers, parents learn how to childproof their homes. Parents make countless decisions every day about what foods to feed their kids, what shows they can watch, and what degree of independence they ought to afford them — decisions that only get more complicated with time as they turn into big kids, preteens, and then (gulp) teenagers.

Of course, moms can't be there to protect their child at every moment, no matter how much they want to be. For the times you're separated from your kids — or are in busy, chaotic spaces like festivals, theme parks, and airports — it can be a challenge to ensure kids are as safe as they would be under your watchful gaze. Fortunately, there are tons of great products to keep kids safe, and through alarms, monitors, and even leashes, they can help moms know their kids are unharmed.

None of these child-safety products are a substitute for vigilance and careful supervision, but by acting as extra eyes and ears, they offer parents peace of mind.


A Clip-On Kid Tracker

Guardian Angel Kid Tracker, $55, Amazon

As your sweet baby grows up, it's only natural that your little adventurer will want to venture a bit farther from view than you're used to. This electronic kid tracker clips onto clothing, and if the child veers past a pre-set distance, the parent unit loudly sounds an alarm. Kids even have the ability to press a panic button on the device, alerting the parents of an urgent situation. Up to four kid units can be synced to the same parent unit, so you'll be able to keep your whole brood safe as it grows.


A (Temporary) Tattoo With Your Contact Information

SafetyTat Child ID Tattoos, $7, Amazon

As an alternative to actually tattooing small children, the SafetyTat temporary tattoos allow parents to write important contact information directly on their kids' skin. The tattoos are hypoallergenic and last for weeks — even in the water — and literally can't be lost, making them a perfect choice for crowded destinations. The tattoos come with fun designs that kids love, and moms love knowing they'll always be a phone call away.


A Cutting-Edge Monitor

Nest Cam Security Camera, $187, Amazon

There are many baby monitors out there, and while technically this isn't one of them, the sleek Nest Cam security camera is packed with features and syncs directly to your phone. With 24/7 live video, a wide-angle lens, crystal-clear night vision, and a built-in microphone and speaker, you'll be able to keep your eye on your sleeping little one, no matter where you are. If you'd like to mount the camera without cables, be sure to check out the AC outlet mount (sold separately). Bonus perk: After your child no longer needs a monitor, you can use the Nest Cam to monitor another room in your home for security purposes.


A Kid-Friendly Child Locator

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator, $19, Amazon

Ever wish your kid came with a built-in pinging device? This wireless child locator features two units — one for Mom and one to clip onto your child's shoelaces or belt. Perfect for crowded spaces like malls and theme parks, the device has a range of 150 feet. If you notice your child has strayed out of sight, simply press the button on the parent unit, and an alarm sounds to help you quickly locate your little wanderer.


A Safety-Harness Backpack

Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness, $18, Amazon

I'll admit that prior to having my children, I sort of had a side-eyed view of kids on leashes. But as my second son — a delightful child who happens to be a completely rambunctious little one — entered toddlerhood, I understood the need for them. For kids who want to be on the go but can't actually be trusted to be on the go safely, the Skip Hop safety harness may be the answer. It comes attached to a darling mini-backpack for toys or snacks.


A Child-Detecting Car Seat

Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat with SensorSafe, $198, Amazon

Car interiors get stiflingly hot fast — even on days that are merely warm — which can be fatal for children who are accidentally left inside with the engine off. This can happen to anyone, often when there's a change in routine. The Evenflo infant car seat with SensorSafe technology aims to prevent tragedies by audibly alerting the driver that the baby is still in the car after the engine is shut off. This video demonstrates the technology, which also alerts parents if the chest clip becomes unbuckled during the drive.


A Pool Alarm That Goes In The Water...

Poolguard In-Ground Pool Alarm, $177, Amazon

Kids love pools, which is fun when everyone is outside splashing together, but terrifying for a child who wanders outside alone. Keep your child safe with the Poolguard pool alarm, which blasts an alarm when it detects a disturbance in the water. In other words, when an adult needs to run — not walk — to the pool immediately. Many safety experts will also recommend installing a fence with an alarm-protected gate around a pool, but when it comes to preventing childhood drownings, you can never be too safw.


A Pool Alarm That Goes On Your Kid

Safety Turtle Swimming Pool Alarm, $159, Amazon

To help keep your child safer around water, strap a water-detecting bracelet alarm on your little one's wrist. It pairs with a parent unit, and when the playful turtle pendant is immersed in water, the parent unit loudly blasts. Its small size and portability make it a great choice for families who aren't typically around water. And despite its name, this alarm works in all fresh water, not just pools.


Travel ID Bands

Travel ID Bands, $7, Amazon

It's easy to get separated from tiny people half your size, especially when racing through crowded, chaotic airports. A disposable travel ID allows you to write down your child's information — name, parents' contact number, and allergies/medications — on a durable waterproof bracelet. The band features instructions in English, Spanish, and French, so virtually anywhere your travels take you, the band can be understood.


A Monitor For Peace Of Mind

Angelcare Video, Movement, and Sound Monitor, $105, Amazon

On average, people spend about a third of their lives sleeping. Moms, not so much, but you may rest easier knowing a movement, sound, and video monitor will act as your eyes and ears on your baby while you catch a few Zs. Place the detection pad under the crib mattress, and the parent unit will sound an alarm if it doesn't detect any motion for more than 20 seconds, offering you peace of mind and, in turn, a better night's rest.


A Toddler-Friendly Leash

Mom's Helper Kid Keeper, $8, Amazon

Moms of toddlers know the very real fear of your little one suddenly going missing, which makes this kid-friendly harness and leash a smart buy, especially while you're out in crowded spaces like amusement parks, airports, or festivals. For some kids, a cute backpack with a safety harness may not be enough because little ones can slip right out of them, but the Kid Keeper option has a simple, effective design that allows active kids freedom from strollers or constant hand-holding.


A Monitor With Temperature Alerts

Hello Baby Wireless Video Monitor, $70, Amazon

Many monitors display the temperature in your child's room on the parent unit, which is helpful if you're awake to monitor it. If you want to know that your little one is sleeping comfortably when you're fast asleep yourself, you'll need a monitor with a temperature warning alarm, like this model from Hello Baby. It will have you resting easy knowing that in the event of power failure, HVAC issues, or just a lot of aggression from Mother Nature, you'll know if your little one's room becomes unsafe.

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