Tax Day

Tax season memes are here for all of us.
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15 Tax Season Memes To Get You Through All Those W-2s

Because seriously, we just want that refund already.

by Meg Kehoe
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Love it or hate it, Tax Day will be upon us very soon — April 15, to be exact. As shocking as it is, I am not one of those special humans who love math and taxes. I loathe taxes. I don't understand them, and really, I don't want to understand them. I much prefer to close my eyes, press a few buttons, and hope for the best while I scroll through entertaining tax memes to get me through the struggle of tax season.

Whether you're single or married, have one job or multiple jobs, doing your taxes is the kind of soul-sucking event that you really need some support to endure. And it’s even worse if you wait until the last possible minute to file them, like Tax Day.

However, don't fret, my stressed-out friends. I'm here to provide you with all the entertainment you need while you're frantically filling out your dreaded W-2s, your awful 1099s, and cursing the day income tax was born. Tax season is brutal. Why not treat yourself to a little entertainment while you’re sweating bullets? I mean, you're doing your duty as a citizen of our great nation, the least you can do is get a little giggle while you're at it.


And It's Gone

Where does it all go?!


Nobody Screws You More...

I know, I know, taxes are important for our country and all that, but... it sure does feel like the IRS has a vendetta against your bank account, doesn't it?


Filling Out Forms

My face resembles this while filling out my tax forms. Angry, urgent, frustrated — yeah, I'd rather be coloring.


That'd Be Great

This is me. Literally me. Tax law is a foreign concept to me, and no matter how many times I have to fill out a W-2? I still don't get it.


One Does Not Simply Like Tax Law

If you do understand it... bless. It takes a special breed to love tax law, and to make it their career. Without you unicorns, we'd be lost.


We Finally Meet

The only solution for tax law is John Goodman.


Tax Day Makes You Crazy

Yes, Tax Day makes me want to eat sand too, little baby. Nobody can deny that Tax Day makes you crazy.


I Love Tax Day

Grumpy cat and sadistic accountants love tax day, because it makes you cry.


Prepare Your Tax Return

Grumpy accountant cat will absolutely not prepare your tax return for you the day before taxes are due. No. Absolutely not.


Cursing Taxes

Ron Swanson thinks taxes are a dirty word. (I agree.)


I'd Like To Eat It

Is "My dog ate my 1099" a legitimate excuse? Asking for a friend...


Tax Day Is Here

The only reason to be this excited that tax day is here is because it means tax day is almost over. (And maybe you’re getting a nice little refund.)


Not This Day

Waiting for that tax return like a gift, ready to lift you out of debt. Today? No. Not today. Maybe tomorrow. Cross your fingers while you wait.


It’s Just Natural

In addition to the drinking habit a lot of us picked up during the pandemic, we’re gonna need a pretty hefty tax return.


But Did You Die?

Congratulations, you didn't die. Even though you wanted to. YOU MADE IT! You really made it.

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