16 Hilarious Mother's Day Memes That Mom Will Totally Get A Kick Out Of
by Kristin Manna

May 13 is almost here, and we all know what that means. It's time to make a brunch reservation and pick out your Mother's Day card quick because the big day is this Sunday. After you make a pit stop at your local drug store, don't forget to pick out a hilarious Mother's Day meme to post on your 'gram. Whether you have a mom, are a mom, or just love moms, celebrate this beautiful holiday by giving a shout out for the number one mom in your life.

Maybe post a meme that makes fun of Mother's Day gifts or a meme to acknowledge that you're grateful for what your mom went physically went through to give birth to you. Either way, it will be sure to make every mother laugh, even if they're not your own. When picking a Mother's Day meme, you want one that will be a big hit with all the mothers — new mothers, seasoned mothers, stepmothers, and grandmothers — something they all can relate too and one that they won't be able to help sharing with all their other mommy friends.

So take a look at this list of hilarious Mother's Day memes, tag your mom, and post one to your social media account. Oh, and don't forget to actually call all your mothers, too. No meme is better than a phone call, although it is a close second.


It's coming

Don't you dare think about posting a non-Mother's Day post on May 13. This day is all about moms, and that means Mother's day posts will and should take over all of social media. Better find a cute photo of the two of you to post stat.


Sorry About Your Parts

Kids put their mother's through a lot. Although, some moms' lady parts have been through so much more. If there is one thing kids should say sorry for this Mother's Day, this is it.


Best Gifts

I'm sure your mom already has more mugs than she even knows what to do with. But a mug with your kid's face or your face on it will never make it to the Goodwill bin.


For The Teachers

Teachers are mothers, too, in a different way. Mother's Day isn't just about celebrating actual moms, but women who have stepped up and acted like mothers. It's a day to celebrate all strong women who have made a difference in one's life.


Favorite Child

Although parents will never admit to having a favorite child, they always secretly do. Yes, we know it's you, too.



Another one that speaks to the female body: mothers risk a lot for their children. Their bodies are one of them. Although, in the end, the little bundle is worth the pain... right?


Quality Time

We now live in a world where social media is how we communicate with one another. Yes, a Mother's Day post is crucial, but don't forget to also spend time with them IRL. Maybe brunch — moms love brunch, or even a phone call will do the trick. Whatever it is, it needs to be more than just a social media post.


Cool Mom

Everyone wants to be the cool mom. Good thing you know exactly who that is!


Sleep Like My Husband



Like A Boss

An hilarious meme that shows how amazing moms really are. I mean we all already knew moms are superheroes. This meme just reinforces it.


Mom;s Instagram

When moms get jewelry, watch out, because she'll basically take 20 photos of the same thing and won't be able to help but post all of them.


What To Get Mom

Moms don't need much on Mother's Day. A lovely card, some weeds from the yard, a mug with your kid's face on it, brunch... Whatever it is a mom will love it. Just don't forget to post it on Facebook.



To the moms whose kids are grown up, you may not see or hear from them all the time, but this is a day you can count on. They will pop out of their busy lives to give you a call, and they wont even ask you for money this time. Hopefully.


Mom's Questions

Some moms are not up to date with the latest technology, and that's okay. They're the ones who schooled you on basic survival skills, like using a spoon.


iPad Day

You know it's true...


Social Media Post

No, so get to it.