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20 Father's Day Gifts That Comic Book Lovers Will Totally Geek Out Over
by Kristin Manna

Dads are not only loving, strong, male role models but like everyone else, they have some interesting quirks. Does anyone else's dad have a half sleeve tattoo of Thor, The God Of Thunder? Yes, there are many men out there who love comic books. The colors and storyline bring out the child in them. With Father's Day coming up what better way to celebrate your dad than by getting him a gift that he will love? Surprise him with a comic book-themed gift for Father's Day, and watch him totally geek out.

You can choose from a Superman mug, or Captain America cufflinks, for starters. There are so many unique items out there that your dad will love. You can even get him a figurine — no matter what their age is, men still love action figures. Whatever it is that you get, make sure it is their favorite superhero. The most important thing is not to mix up the Avengers with the Justice League. Yes, they are not all the same. If you want to have a bonding moment, ask your dad the difference. I'm sure they will love to take you through the comic book world. Or you can impress him by schooling him with some knowledge yourself. Here's some basic comic book trivia for you: Marvel is the publisher of The Avengers, and the Justice League is part of the DC Comics family. There. Now you're basically a pro.


Dad Mug

Comic Book Mug ($13, Amazon)

Make your dad's coffee better with this comic book font mug. Every morning it will give him a burst of energy that will help him take over the world.


Superhero Cufflinks

Superhero Cufflinks ($30, Etsy)

These superhero cufflinks will not only spice up dad's wardrobe, but it will bring a little bit of their personality into their look too. If dad's a superhero fan, he'll love rocking this subtle tribute to his favorite crime-fighting hero.


Captain America Shield

Captain America Shield ($20, DiscStore)

If there is one thing we know, it's that some men are never too old for toys. I'm sorry, my bad — this is not a toy; it's a shield for protection. Let your father feel like he is protector of all with this Captain America shield.


Superhero Pint Glasses

Superhero Pint Glasses ($12, Etsy)

The best kind of gift is one you can use. Pint glasses are not only essential in every household, but a superhero logo will make them extra special. Your dad will want to collect the whole set.


Captain America Throw Blanket

Captain America Throw Blanket ($25, Amazon)

Trust me when I say this is a gift your dad didn't realize he wanted until he got it. It will go from a quirky gift to something that he will never stop using. Sorry in advance, mom.


Batman Shirt

Batman Shirt ($18, Amazon)

A shirt is a classic gift idea, and this one is perfect. Your dad will love that you know his secret.


A Comic Book

Comic Book ($5, MyComicShop)

What every comic book fan might love is an actual comic book. A vintage comic book, or a new one will be a nice addition to any fan's collection.


Art Work

Deadpool Art Print ($7, Etsy)

A print is an affordable, fast, and easy gift that your dad will appreciate. All you need to do is pick one of your father's favorite comic book character and head over to Ikea or Michaels to get it framed.


Thor Statue

Thor God Of Thunder Statue ($39, Amazon)

If your dad collects figurines, get him a fancy one that he can proudly display around the house.


Custom Comic Book

Custom Comic Book Cover ($40, Etsy)

What comic book fan doesn't want to be made into their own comic? This is a perfect gift that would make all your dad's dreams come true. Expect him to show this one to all his friends.


Batman Wallet

Batman Wallet ($4, ThinkGeek)

If your dad is on team Batman, then he just might be totally obsessed with this wallet that sports the superhero's logo.


Bath Bomb

Man Of Steel Bath Bomb ($3, Etsy)

Even fathers could use a little R&R. A Superman-themed bath bomb is the perfect gift to make him feel relaxed and energized. After this bath, they may even feel like a superhero.


Captain America Coffee Maker

Captain America Coffee Maker ($25, Shop Marvel)

Your dad will love using this gift every morning — so much so that he'll start offering to make you coffee any time.


Spider Man Watch

Spider Man Watch ($14, Etsy)

My spidey senses tell me your dad will love this practical gift.


DVD Gift Set

Marvel DVD Gift Set ($25, Target)

Like you, your dad can probably appreciate a binge-fest once in a while. This eight-movie set will keep him entertained for hours.


Key Chain

Superhero Key Chain ($24, Etsy)

The best thing about this keychain is that it can be personalized with your dad's name. Plus it's totally practical.


17.Marvel Oven Mitt

Marvel Oven Mitt ($18, Etsy)

Here's a great gift for the dad who loves cooking as much as he loves superheroes.


Flash Candle

The Flash Soy Candle ($18, Etsy)

This gift is perfectly on-theme. This Flash candle will not only make your dad happy, but it'll make his home smell nice, too.


Batman Coasters

Batman Coasters ($25, Etsy)

If there is one thing we know every adult needs in their house, it's coasters. Finally he'll actually use them because he actually likes them.


Marvel Hip Hop

Marvel Hip Hop Boxed Set ($10, Amazon)

Another gift that mixes two of your dad's favorite things: music and comics. It's a super cool coffee table book your dad will totally pour over — and guests will, too.