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Get Ready To Heal In 2021, Pisces

Rest and renewal are your big words this year.

In with the new and out with old this year, fishies, but it's going to take some intentional work, so you may want to check out your Pisces 2021 horoscope. "2021 promises many new horizons for you, Pisces," celebrity and pop culture astrologer Kyle Thomas tells Romper. "However, a great deal of it will also be about tying up loose ends from the past decade, reflecting, and finding closure before you begin the next major era of your life. This year could feel slower than most." But don't let the tortoise-speed of the new year get you down — important changes are coming.

Both Thomas and Helene Cierzo, founding astrologer at Heart House Astrology, mention "The Great Conjunction," (an infrequent alignment between Jupiter and Saturn) which will bring about changes for all signs in the next 20 years. During this Conjunction, Pisces may find themselves doing deep healing work and "dissolving old behaviors that have been hanging around a long time," Cierzo says. And while this work may be uncomfortable and even isolating at times, rest assured that you are setting the stage for a future that more closely aligns with your passions, intuition, and creativity. Read on for more about your 2021 Pisces horoscope.


You may find yourself healing from the wounds of past relationships this year. "Closure, release, and healing are top priorities for pisces in 2021. This is because Saturn and Jupiter are forcing you to look at your entire life up until this point to make sure you have incorporated the wisdom of your past before you embark on an entirely new journey," Thomas tells Romper. Jupiter will be in your sun sign from May until July, and this visitor may come with lucky shifts in your love and personal life. "Oftentimes, when Jupiter enters your Sun Sign, you meet a soul mate, get engaged, adopt an animal, become pregnant, or even become married. While I do sense that your more memorable period with this energy will be in 2022, know that the Universe will have your back even now," Thomas says. So even if your love life feels a little uneventful in the beginning of the year, know that by moving on from the past, offering forgiveness, and opening yourself to love, you're setting the stage to welcome or deepen love later on. Thomas says that in August and September, single pisces may find serious partners, while those already in romantic relationships could end up becoming engaged or wed.


You don't need to be adding everything to cart this year, pisces, but you may want to invest in services that can help you plan for the future. "It's a great year for diving deep, perhaps seeking counsel with a psychotherapist, healer, or life coach. It is more of a time of putting in work behind the scenes then to debut anything new," Cierzo says.

You may find yourself raising your rates this year, too, or asking for a raise. "2021 is bringing you on a healing journey, when it comes to knowing your worth. With Jupiter transiting your 12th house for most of 2021, you will have everything you need. This is divine protection so there is no need to fret over finances," Cierzo adds.

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Personal relationships are always important to the fish sign, but don't forget to work on your relationship with yourself this year. "You will need more space this year, more time alone. Use your strength of adaptability to just go with the flow so that deep healing can occur," Cierzo says. Both Thomas and Cierzo note that you may find yourself called to do some spiritual work this year, perhaps by practicing yoga, meditation, prayer, or working with a healer or coach.

"A Venus Retrograde will also take place in 2021, and this is a period of time when people from the past return to us and we are allowed to share in the nostalgia or find closure once and for all," Thomas says. You may be hearing from old friends during this time, and it can be a good time to put to rest friendships that aren't fulfilling anymore, or on the flipside, reconnect with someone you've been missing.

If you're feeling a bit isolated this year, trust that you're doing internal work on the relationship you have with yourself. This can be a good time to "beautify your home," Cierzo says. But 2021 isn't all about hunkering down inside (which is good because you had a fair-share of that in 2020). You can plan to pack your social calendar in late spring and early summer as Jupiter moves into pisces on May 13 until July 28. "There will a brief, but definitely welcomed couple of months that will have you feeling more jovial and will bring more opportunities for socializing. Then Jupiter will move back to Aquarius until the end of the year, emphasizing more of a need for rest, cultivating spirituality, and releasing self-sabotaging behaviors," Cierzo says.


Feeling conflicted about your job? It's in the stars. "You may feel confused about your career. If you do not feel a spiritual connection with your work, you will feel a need to plan an exit route," Cierzo suggests. "If this is the case, use this energy in 2021 to create a new plan to manifest work that is more in a spiritual alignment with who you are becoming." This could be the year you decide to make a major career move, or to go back to school for something you feel truly passionate about. "So many pisces will be seeing changes on the career front in 2021," Cierzo adds and notes that you may even find yourself relocating.

But before you dive into the next thing, make sure you're clear on what you really want, what will spark joy and satisfaction. "After July, Jupiter will once again force you to make sure that what you are placing on your vision board is truly what you want. You are being forced to not just be a dreamer. You are being called to be intentional in every way," Thomas says. Be open to taking a risk, or asking for a raise or title change; it could pay off, especially in May or December, which "will likely bring crowning career achievements," Thomas says.


Just as adult pisceans will be doing deep internal work this year, so will the minnows among us. If your child is a pisces, know that this year will be one of personal development for them.

"Pisces children may be tapping into their intuition for the first time or sense themselves as a part of a much larger Universal plan. Finding peace will be very important to them," Thomas says. "However, from May until the end of July, they will feel especially vibrant and creative." During this time, you may see your child picking up a new hobby or coming out of their shells.

All pisces can expect a year of, "healing, development, and spiritual advancement," Thomas says. Don't be scared to go deep, to face uncomfortable parts of your past in your work to find a rich and fulfilling future. And, as Cierzo says, "this is a year of rest, deep healing, and renewal at a deep level. So do what you are best at my friends, go with the flow."