21 Genius Baby & Toddler Products Invented By Moms To Make Life Easier

Raising a child is one of those things you have to experience firsthand before you can fully grasp the satisfaction, joy, and — of course — the unimaginable energy and exhaustion it often entails. This is precisely why some of the most genius baby products were invented by moms. When it comes down to it, real parents have the everyday inspiration that comes from taking care of a baby or toddler. They've felt the desperation elicited from needing a certain product to fix a specific issue, but that product just doesn't yet exist.

Mothers know firsthand what it's like to have a child who won't sit still, a stroller that won't stop tipping over, and a pacifier that's been dragged along every inch of the mall floor. Consequently, some of the highest rated and bestselling products in the baby world have come from brilliant women who decided that enough was enough — it was time to design and bring to life these solutions on their own.

The best part? Since these inventions were all manufactured with mom and baby in mind, they're all smartly designed to incorporate safety, convenience, and style. Here are some of the most genius baby products created by moms who just get it, so you'll never wonder, "Why hasn't somebody invented that yet?" again.

1. A Fashionable Necklace To Help With Teething

Chewbeads, $30, Amazon

According to SmartCEO, Lisa and Eric Greenwald invented Chewbeads because they wanted something safe yet fashionable that their baby could use while teething. Chewbeads are made from 100 percent medical grade silicone that's soft enough on gums yet durable enough to withstand a baby's emerging teeth, and they've got a breakaway clasp for added convenience.


2. A Magnetic Onesie For Pain-Free Dressing

Magnificent Baby Unisex Newborn Footie (Sizes Newborn-9 Months), $30, Amazon

According to the official website, Lauren Levy created the Magnificent Baby line after the Velcro on a bib ripped out her nephew's fine baby hair. This Magnificent Baby newborn footie uses magnets inside the lining to fasten it closed, rather than Velcro or buttons, which makes it quick and convenient to dress your baby in seconds. The 100 percent cotton fabric is warm, flexible, and comfortable, too.


3. A Nipple That Fits Most Water Bottles

Refresh-a-Baby Bottle Adapter, $9, Amazon

If you accidentally leave the baby bottles at home, this Refresh-a-Baby bottle adapter is designed to fit most water bottles and can even be used to mix formula. According to the official website, the BPA free design was created by Gina Lipstein, a former elementary school teacher and a mother-of-two who invented this after she once left her son's bottle behind.


4. A Cushion To Help You Carry A Car Seat

Padalily Handle Cushion, $16, Amazon

The Padalily website noted that Lily Winnail created the product after giving birth to her third child. Tired of the handle of the car seat digging into her arm, she created this stylish, comfortably plush cushion that's got two loops for your baby's favorite toys. The Padalily Handle Cushion is attached using Velcro, is reversible, and comes in multiple different colors and designs, too.


5. A Stylish Changing Pad For Wiggly Babies

Patemm Diaper Changing Pad, $72, Amazon

As written on the Patemm website, mother Grace Welch was tired of small, rectangular changing pads that couldn't contain her wiggly baby, so she created the Patemm diaper changing pad. It's a soft, stretchy, waterproof, and circular changing pad that's as stylish as it is functional, and it even doubles as a carrier for diapers, wipes, and extra clothes.


6. A Swaddle That Goes On Quickly And Stays Put

Woombie Original One-Step Baby Swaddle, $35, Amazon

A wife, nurse, and mother of five, Karen Barski created the Woombie to utilize the benefits of swaddling without all the hassle and difficulty, according to the official site. The Woombie one-step baby swaddle is made from a stretchy yet snug fabric, has a peanut-shaped fit, and features a zipper so it goes on easily and stays put all night long. It's even received over 15 awards because of its innovative design.


7. A Play Mat And Storage Solution In One

SWOOP Bag, $38, Amazon

As written on the SWOOP Bag site, mother and creator Sarah Kirk was inspired by her grandmother's handmade storage bag that doubled as a play mat. So, she created the SWOOP Bag to easily clean up and store her son's Legos. When unfolded, it's a play mat made from durable cotton, but with one pull on the nylon cord, everything's cleaned up and stored away until next time.


8. A Topper That Controls The Flow Rate Of Food Pouches

ChooMee Sipn Food Pouch Toppers, $15, Amazon

Julie Hammi and her husband created the food pouch topper because, according to the official site, they needed a simple solution to feeding time. This pack of four fits all food pouches and uses a flow-control valve that prevents spills and messes. The ChooMee Sipn food pouch toppers are made from chewable, body-safe materials, and they're safe to put in the dishwasher, too.


9. A Handy Pacifier Holder

The Original PullyPalz Pacifier Holder, $20, Amazon

According to the PullyPalz website, mother of two Julie Thompson, a mother of two, invented the pacifier holder to ensure that the pacifier is always within view and reach of your baby. The adorable original PullyPalz pacifier holder can be attached to carriers and bouncers and has a pulley system in place so no binky is ever lost, dropped, or anywhere except within reach.


10. A Cute Tool That Minimizes Pain From Needles

Buzzy Mini Personal Pain Reliever, $40, Amazon

A handheld device that uses vibrations and cold temperatures to minimize pain, the Buzzy mini personal pain reliever provides natural relief from needles and immunizations in seconds. The Buzzy website noted that it was invented by mother Amy Baxter, who's a pediatric emergency physician on top of being a savvy entrepreneur.


11. Saline Wipes That Gently Clean Runny Noses

Boogie Wipes, $10, Amazon

Boogie Wipes were made by two moms who were frustrated with putting saline drops in their babies' noses, according to the product's website. Made with a natural saline solution that mimics that in the body, Boogie Wipes help to clean and dissolve mucus in the nose that occurs when a baby is sick. This three-pack is also infused with aloe and chamomile to help hydrate and heal.


12. A Convenient Straw For Beverages

Lollaland Lollacup, $16, Amazon

Originally pitched on Shark Tank by parents Hanna and Mark Lim, according to the product site, the Lollaland Lollacup is a toddler straw cup that's easy to drink from, easy to clean, stylish, and safe. It's got a weighted straw that always touches the liquid, and it's got removable handles that are easy for your baby to grip.


13. A Pillow To Keep Your Baby Calm And Comfortable

Snuggwugg Wiggle Free Pillow, $26, Amazon

Lisa Cash Hanson is a businesswoman, mother, and creator of the SnuggWugg, according to the official website. The Snuggwugg wiggle free pillow helps keep your baby calm, still, and comfortable. The flex pocket holds most smartphones while the loops offer attachments for toys, and it's great for travel and has a removable machine-washable plush cover, too.


14. A Bathing Suit That Blocks UVA And UVB Rays

SwimZip Sunsuit (Sizes 0-24 Months), $37, Amazon

In a YouTube video for Youth Entrepreneurs, mother Betsy Johnson described her creation the SwimZip, which was created to give her children more protection while at the pool or beach. Every SwimZip Sunsuit is infused with 50 SPF as well as a convenient full-length zipper. It's extra simple for parents because reapplication of sunscreen is now unnecessary, and the material is super comfortable and blocks 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays.


15. A Bathing Suit For Girls With Built In SPF

Snapper Rock Little Girls' One Piece Swimsuit (Sizes 2-14), $6-$44, Amazon

Similarly, there's also this Snapper Rock one piece swimsuit, which the product's site noted was invented by mother Liz Eglinton after her family moved to sunny Annapolis. It's fully lined with UVA and UVB ray-blocking material, is rated SPF 50+, and comes in multiple adorable patterns and designs.


16. A Shopping Bag That Won't Tip The Stroller

Hatch Things SureShop Bag, $20, Amazon

As noted on the official website, mother of three Sonjie Solomon founded HatchThings (a fanny pack and shirt combo) in addition to creating the SureShop bag, which is a reusable shopping bag that hangs off of the stroller and redistributes the weight so it won't tip over, even if your child stands up. It also folds into a convenient package so you always have it with you, and the bag itself is durable, lightweight, and can hold up to ten pounds.


17. A Brush That Detangles Knotted Hair With No Pain

Knot Genie Detangling Brush, $20, Amazon

Rikki Mor created the Knot Genie, accoridng to her website, out of desperation so she didn't have to keep chasing her daughters around with the brush. It's got a unique bristle configuration that effortlessly slips through strands, as well as a cloud-shaped design that fits conveniently in your hand. Best of all, Knot Genie detangling brush effectively untangles hair with absolutely no pain.


18. A Faucet Extender To Help With Hand Washing

Aqueduck Faucet Extender, $10, Amazon

According to the Aqueduck website, Susan Lee created the tool after struggling to lift her children up to the sink as they grew, so she created this genius invention to help the water stream actually reach towards the child. The Aqueduck Faucet Extender fits most standard bathroom faucets and directs the flow forward, so kids can develop good hygiene habits on their own without straining. It comes in multiple colors, is easy to install without tools, and is dishwasher-safe.


19. A Scoop, Drain, And Bath Toy Storage System

Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop, $20, Amazon

Designer and mother Rebecca Finnel was sick of staring at a bathroom cluttered with plastic toys, according to The Giggle Guide, so she invented this genius solution. When bath time is over, simply scoop up all the toys with this widemouthed Boon Frog Pod bath toy scoop and hook them on the wall to dry. It's easy to install, drains water automatically, and helps hinder the growth of mold and mildew.


20. A Stuffed Animal And Pacifier In One

Wubbanub Infant Pacifier, $14, Amazon

A pacifier is infinitely harder to lose if it's attached to something large and cuddly. At least, that was the thought of Carla Carla Schneider, who created the Wubbanub, according to the website. The stuffed animal itself is fluffy, adorable, and easy to grasp, and the attached pacifier is made from material that's free of latex, BPA, PVC, and phthalates.


21. A Diaper Extension That Stops Blowout Leakage

Blowout Blocker Diaper Extension, $13, Amazon

To prevent any extra mess while changing your baby, there's the Blowout Blocker diaper extension, which was Mompreneur Media noted was created by mom and entrepreneur Melanie Miller. It's one of the only reusable solutions that creates a barrier between your baby's diaper and clothing to catch any leakage, and it's made from a safe, soft, and flexible material.

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