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35 Short N' Sweet Instagram Captions For That Adorable Pic Of You & Your Bestie

Because you go together like peanut butter & jelly.

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Back in elementary and middle school, you declared your love for your best friend with a necklace or a bracelet, but nowadays it’s all about showing some social media love. The best way to do this, in my opinion, is with pictures and short best friend captions for Instagram. Sure, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a few extra from your heart certainly won’t hurt.

Once you enter adulthood, you start to see just how rare a true best friend is. They’re the person you can vent to when your partner is on your last nerve, the one who whisks you away for a night when parenthood is getting the best of you, and the first one to show up to your house with a frozen lasagna after you’ve had a baby or lost a loved one. Honestly, your grown-up BFF probably deserves a best friend necklace that’s covered in diamonds for all that they do.

Unfortunately, diamonds aren’t cheap, so public declarations of love and appreciation will have to do for now. Now’s the time to dig up some of your favorite shots of the two of you from over the years and start posting them on Instagram. If you’re at a loss for words, try some of these short, sweet, and totally accurate captions.


“Partner In True Crime & Wine”

Here’s the perfect caption for the BFF who will talk all things true crime with you over a glass of wine. You two share book titles, listen to the same podcasts, and can hardly wait to discuss the latest Netflix docuseries. There’s also a good chance the two of you know how to pull off the perfect crime without getting caught.


“Best Secret Keeper, Ever”

Hey, even as adults we have secrets to share, they’re just less juicy and more about our kid’s recent public outburst of curse words. Either way, you have to appreciate a friend who knows how to keep a good secret.


“Making The Good Times Better Since [Insert Friendship Origin Date Here]”

This is an especially great caption for your longtime bestie who’s seen you through more phases of life than anyone else. Maybe they go back to childhood and stood by you during the awkward years, or joined you in late-night study sessions in college, or worked right alongside you in your first “real” job. Whoever they are, this is a nice little nod to your history together.


“The Rachel To My Monica”

Could this BE any more perfect for a BFF who’s a fellow Friends fan? There are so many combinations you can use, too. The Pheobe to my Joey, The Chandler to my Ross, The Regina Phalange to my Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. Take your pick.


“I’ll Stand By You”

Nothing says true friendship like this classic tune from The Pretenders. Aside from the nostalgia factor of the song, the lyrics really ring true for a friend who has stood by you and who you will do the same for no matter what.


“The ‘She’ To My ‘Nanigans’”

What is a best friend if not someone who will do hilarious, strange, and downright ridiculous things with you? You have matching tattoos, still love a good dance party in your PJs, and come up with wild plans for the future (especially after you’ve had a couple of glasses of wine).


“Better Than Family”

Family is wonderful and all, but there’s nothing like a best friend who treats you like family even though they don’t have to. It takes work to keep a friendship strong, and it’s an active choice, which is why that love is just a little more special than others.


“This One Always Makes Me Laugh A Little Louder”

There aren’t words to describe the immense joy that comes from belly laughing with your best friend. They just get you, and probably share your sense of humor. It’s rare to find someone who can make you laugh no matter what.


“The Only One Who Knows Where I Hide My Secret Candy Stash”

If you’re a parent, there’s a very good chance that somewhere in your home is a pile of candy you have been hoarding all for yourself. It’s not even just the kids you’re hiding it from either, it’s your partner, too. So, if you have a friend who knows where that spot is, they’re for sure a best friend.


“My Favorite Person To Do Nothing With”

One amazing thing about a BFF is that whether you do something totally epic together or just sit around in leggings catching up, it’s always a good time. Even if you go to a movie and barely talk to each other, you still walk away feeling a little lighter.


“We Always Pick Up Right Where We Left Off”

Life is busy as adults, so it’s really hard to call or see your friends as much as you’d like to. Best friends are the ones who don’t think anything of that and don’t hold any grudges. You can always pick up where you left off, whether that was last month or last year.


“Through Thick & Thin, No Matter What”

You two would bail each other out of jail first, and ask questions later. You share the highs and don’t disappear during the lows. There is nearly nothing that can come in the way of your friendship, and that’s why you’re best friends.



It doesn’t get much more classic or real than this. They’re your best friend, and this short little caption definitely lets the world know it. For extra emphasis, add an appropriate emoji.


"The Only Person I Let See Me Ugly Cry"


Crying is a natural form of releasing feelings and emotions. However, for whatever reason, a lot of people are embarrassed to cry in public, but a true best friend has seen you at your worst and witnessed your most real breakdowns and only love you more.


“Side Part Sister”

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Gen Z can have their middle parts, because you have a BFF who will rock a side part with you until something better comes along (which, let’s be honest, it won’t).


"Friends Are Like Glue, They Stick Together"

Velcro, magnets, and friends all have one thing in common: they stick together. A best friend is someone who is always close to you, even when they are far away. Nothing can come between you.


"My Sunshine"

Best friends always brings joy into your life — well, usually. They're a true gem. No matter how bad your day is, they're there to help turn it around.


"A Best Friend Is Someone Who Will Always Eat With You"

A regular best friend is great, but you know what's even better? A foodie best friend who will explore all your favorite restaurants with you, always shares, and makes a point to leave room for dessert.


"They've Seen Me Without A Bra On"

You're so close, you're practically sisters. Really, nothing phases you being around each other anymore because at this point, you've both seen it all.


"Both Weird, Both Fun"


Human beings tend to mirror the people in their lives, so the more time you spend with your best friend, the more your BFF is going to become like an extension of yourself. It's no wonder you love them so much. They're just as fun and adventurous as you are.


"Someone To Sit In Silence With"

When you find that person you can do absolutely nothing with and still have a great time, you've found your true soulmate. You're so comfortable around this person, you don't even have to talk to bond. That's a true soulmate.


"Friends Who Slay Together Stay Together"

When you've got your best friend's back, and you've got theirs, there's nothing the both of you can't do. You and your bestie conquer whatever task comes your way professionally, socially, or even during '90s pop culture trivia night at your local favorite hang.


"My Queen"

You probably look at your best friend the way most people look at Beyoncé: with awe and respect. You only want what's best for her, and believe she deserves to be treated like the queen that she is.


"Favorite Group Text"

Some group texts, to be honest, you can probably do without. But the one with all your BFFs on it doesn't disappoint. It's probably filled with hilarious anecdotes, some inappropriate storytelling, and is the one place you know can lift your spirits if you're ever feeling down. Caption a photo of your crew or screenshot of your group text with this phrase.


"We Don't Make Sense"

Some of the best friendships are the ones that come as a surprise. For whatever reason, it just works, even if the two of you seem like the unlikeliest match. There's some truth to the phrase "opposites attract," after all.


"My Best"


There's no hidden message here. It's just a simple caption to show off your BFF, and really it's super versatile. Use it when captioning a pic with your childhood bestie, your work wife, your sweet pup, or even your favorite niece or nephew.


"Soul Sisters"

You don't have to be related to someone to consider them your sister. You're not only close, but you're real with one another, like sisters. This woman, or these women, are always there to support you and helping you grow.


"Know Her Number By Heart"

Smartphones have made memorizing your best friend's (or anyone's) number unnecessary, but If you know someone's number by heart, then scream it at the top of your lungs! OK, don't do that — but it is definitely something to brag about.


"They'll Always Pick Up At 4 a.m."

A true friend is someone who is always there for you, even in the middle of the night. No matter what time it is, they'll take your call, and if you're stranded somewhere, they'll find a way to get you home.


"We Break Dance Not Hearts"

Your BFF is probably your #1 dance partner. Use this caption for a picture of you and your bestie out tearin' up the carpet, and let's be honest, probably breaking hearts, too.


"I don’t know what’s tighter, our jeans or our friendship"

You and your BFF are tighter than those skinny jeans that were peak fashion a couple years ago, and you know you have photos of the both of you in such a style. Throw that throwback pick up with this caption, even if said photo is just from a week ago. Because let's be honest, we're all still wearing skinny jeans.


"Different But The Same"

Try this caption if you and your BFF are complete opposites. You guys are the yin to each others' yang: not only is this what makes your friendship work, but it keeps things spicy too.


"My #1 Cheerleader"

For those times that you don't believe in yourself but your best friend does, this is the perfect caption. They're there to encourage you when you need it most, and they always have your back, no matter what.


"Better Than A Sister"

Ever grow up with a sister? They can be so nurturing but also so mean. A bff is like having a close sister, that's nice to you most of the time and always has your best interest at heart.


"Always Better With This Girl"

From brunch to manicures to just doing laundry, everything is better with your bestie. I mean, why else you keep them around, right?

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