A woman lying in her bed after giving birth with her baby next to her in its own bed
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4 BS Myths About Postpartum Vagina Tightness
by Michele Zipp

Giving birth is an incredible feat that should remind a woman of her body's capabilities. Unfortunately, this often goes unrecognized because a mom-to-be may be busy worrying about the toll it takes on her vagina. This worry is perpetuated by the hurtful things said about what happens to a woman's body after birth. You must not believe these things, as they are myths about vaginal tightness after baby you should ignore.

The untruths can take away from that postpartum bliss you can be feeling as you bond with your new baby and your partner. You have to remember that you possess a superpower to create life inside your womb. That superpower extends to your very resilient vagina.

"Your body is made for pregnancy, but it's also made to recover after it," OB-GYN Dr. Idries Abdur-Rahman said in an interview with Self magazine. Your vagina may feel different in the early days postpartum as you heal, but it won't hinder your ability to enjoy sex. There may be some muscle fatigue and hormonal fluctuations that could temporarily change how you feel down there. Those are not long-term issues. In fact, it's in the postpartum period that can lead to a deeper intimacy with your partner, allowing you to have more enjoyable sex.

To be more confident in your body, you must feel empowered and one way to start is by debunking the following myths.

Myth 1: Birth Ruins Your Vagina's Elasticity

Anything that gets stretched over time, can experience some muscle fatigue. But according to Psychology Today, when the vagina stretches during childbirth, it often re-tightens fully within six months. If a woman has multiple births and as she ages, her vagina may not completely return to its original state. The looseness isn't major, and can often be amended by doing Kegel exercises.

Myth 2: Women Who Never Had Kids Are Tighter

Despite what you may have heard, the size of women's vaginas are generally all the same no matter what. "There aren't significant differences in vaginal size," sex researcher Debby Herbenick said in an interview with Men's Health. "So if birthing a baby isn't going to permanently change the shape of a woman's vagina, neither is your penis or how often you have sex."

Myth 3: Vaginas Get Too Tight Postpartum

Vaginas do not become too tight postpartum, but they can become too dry, making it seem tighter. Dryness is a result of estrogen levels lowering after having a baby, according to National Health Service. Lower estrogen can lead to lack of desire, causing your vagina to feel less lubricated. That tighter feeling that comes from dryness isn't a good thing. Lube can help, as well as lots of foreplay.

Myth 4: Your Partner Will Think You're Too Loose

According to What To Expect When You're Expecting, there won't be much of a difference in your vagina unless you've experienced a tear or trauma during birth. Those issues can be resolved over time. Many couples may still feel different about sex in a good way. Having a baby can make you and your partner feel even more bonded, allowing you to have more intimate sex.