8 Ways To Explain MS To Your Children

by BDG Studios
Receiving a multiple sclerosis diagnosis can be difficult and frightening,

and having to talk about it with your family can add even more anxiety. It’s OK to take your time figuring out how and when to talk to your kids. They may feel scared, sad, confused, or angry about your diagnosis, but the key is to keep the conversation going and talk about what’s on their mind.

Here are some tips and tools to explain MS to your children.

Pick A Medium Your Child Will Enjoy

Depending on the age and learning style of your child, multimedia activities might be helpful once the conversation is started. Certain organizations have activity books that include stories and activities, like word games and coloring pages, to foster family conversations. For younger children, there are even videos that use children-puppets to help explain relapses and what happens when someone has MS.