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8 Ways To Tell If You're Losing Too Much Hair

Everyone loses some hair each and every day. It's part of the lifecycle of your hair. It's probably not all that alarming when you see a few hairs in your brush or stray hairs on the floor of your bathroom, since you expect a tiny bit of normal, healthy hair loss. But if your hair loss seems to have picked up at all, you might be wondering about some of the ways to tell if you're losing too much hair, rather than the more typical daily amount.

Before you get overly concerned about how much hair you're losing, get nervous that it might be a sign that something's wrong, and make an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist to discuss, trying to evaluate things based on some of the signs that your hair loss might be more significant than what's typical can potentially help put your mind at ease. You might not actually be experiencing as much hair loss as you thought. If you try to take a closer look at things and come to the conclusion that you truly might be losing too much hair, there are things that you and your doctor may be able to do, once you determine the cause of your hair loss. Deciding whether or not you could actually have a reason to worry, however, is the first step.


You See Lots Of Hairs On Your Pillow In The Morning

You likely don't closely examine your pillow every morning to see how much hair you might have lost overnight, but Shape reported that if you start to see a lot of hair on your pillow after you sleep, that could potentially be a sign that you're losing more hair than you should be. There are a number of things that can cause hair loss, so checking in with your doctor can help you figure out what's going on.


Try Pulling On It

There are also a couple of experiments that you could try if you're worried that your hair loss is substantially more than the normal amount. In an interview with StyleCaster, Dr. James C. Marotta, a hair restoration specialist and facial plastic surgeon, said you should grab about 60 hairs and pull on them as you run your fingers through your hair. If you're losing about the right amount of hair, you won't lose more than about eight hairs when you do this. If you have closer to 15 or so, you could be losing too much.


Your Part Looks Wider Than It Used To

Another way that you can tell if you might be losing more hair than normal is by looking at your part. If it seems like it's widening, that too could be a sign that you're losing too much hair, as Dr. Sonia Batra, MD, a dermatologist, told Prevention. It might be difficult to tell, but chatting with your dermatologist about your concerns or enlisting your hairdresser to help you determine if your part might be getting wider could help you get to the bottom of things.


There's Hair All Over Your Shower

It's normal to see some hairs in your shower or on the floor, but if there seems to be a lot of hair in the shower drain or on the walls or floor of the shower, that could potentially be a sign of too much hair loss, as the previously-mentioned article from Shape noted. Dr. Kristina Goldenberg, MD, a dermatologist, told the magazine that eating a healthy diet rich in lean proteins and limiting your use of heat and harsh chemicals when caring for your hair just might help.


Try The 60-Second Hair Count

Another test that you can try to determine how much hair you're losing is the 60-second hair count. An article published in 2008 in JAMA Dermatology found that brushing your hair from back to front for one minute and then counting the number of hairs that fall can give you an idea of whether or not you're losing too much hair. If you find about 10 hairs, you're likely losing a normal amount.


There's Tons Of Hair In Your Brush After Brushing

A significant amount of hair in your formerly-clean brush after you brush your hair is another potential indicator that you're losing more hair than is typical, as the aforementioned article from Shape noted. It's hard to tell if this is truly a sign or not if your brush isn't clean prior to brushing, however.


Your Ponytail Seems To Have Gotten Smaller

You may not be able to tell whether or not your ponytail is really smaller than it used to be until there's a pretty drastic difference, but hair expert Karrie Fonte told Bustle that a thinner ponytail can be a sign that you might be losing too much hair.


Your Hair Doesn't Style The Same Way It Used To

If your hair just doesn't seem to look the same way that it used to when you style it, that too could be a sign that your hair might be thinning, as Batra told Prevention in the previously-mentioned article. If your straightened hair looks flat, your natural hair just doesn't have the life it used to, or your style won't hold, there might actually be a real reason for that.

There are lots of things that doctors can recommend if you're really losing more hair than you should be. Doing some simple analysis and then talking to your doctor can help you get the treatments that you need, if you do, in fact, need them.