A woman wearing a white tank top and boxing gloves hits a punching bag
9 Common Beginner Kickboxing Mistakes
by Ni'Kesia Pannell

Kickboxing is a sport that I've always been a little scared to try. I'm not quite sure if it's because the boxing bags seem intimidating or if I just have fear of getting injured, but I regularly pass on the activity when invited to participate with my friends. No longer wanting to miss out on the fun, I decided to learn how to avoid the beginner mistakes everyone makes in kickboxing so I can actually join my friends.

Since kickboxing is the combination of upper and lower body, one of my biggest fears is that I'm going to injure my foot or my hand while doing it. In an interview with Romper, veteran kickboxer Joe Corley says that many beginners worry about the same thing. If, however, you find a kickboxing trainer who's willing to properly teach you, any beginner can become well trained in no time. Though it may take some dedication and attentiveness to form, once you get the hang of it, he says that it can become a fun and effective workout for anyone willing to give it a try.

So, if you've been on the fence about taking up kickboxing class because of potential injuries, here are nine mistakes you should work to avoid.


You Don't Have The Proper Range Of Motion

Shauna Arguello of 9 Round Kickboxing Fitness Gym tells Romper that one major mistake that beginners make is not having the proper range of motion when doing a roundhouse kick. "If you don't have the proper range, it can cause you to kick with the wrong part of the shin and cause an injury," she says.


You Kick Incorrectly

Corley tells Romper that kicking to the air with your shoe on is a common mistake that most beginners make. "Having too much weight on your foot while kicking in the wrong position, cause cause your leg to hyperextend and injure your knee," he says. Corley, who has produced over 1,000 hours of kickboxing videos, says this is especially true when attempting the front kick move.


You Rush Into Workouts

According to professional kickboxing trainer RJ LoPresti of I Love Kickboxing Atlanta, those who rush into the workouts are making a huge mistake. "Before jumping into kickboxing, you should be focusing on the basics and learning the ins and outs," LoPresti tells Romper. "By doing this, you decrease your chances of getting injured."


You Don't Warm Up Properly

Six time World Champion kickboxer Michael Anderson tells Romper that most beginners make the mistake of not warming up properly."Kickboxing is a high-energy sport, so all beginners should focus on getting their heart rates up and stretching properly before each workout," he says. "Afterwards, you should dive into your boxing combinations, techniques, and drills in the correct format."


You're Not Consistent

LoPresti adds that, as with any other workout routine, not staying consistent can be a downfall of getting the full kickboxing experience. He recommends talking to your trainer about your and staying consistent with the workouts they suggest. You should be kickboxing at least two to three times a week to develop the muscle memory and stamina you need to nail your goals.


You Don't Have Your Foot In The Right Position While Roundkicking The Bag

Corley says that roundkicking the bag with your foot in the wrong position is a common beginner mistake, and doing so can sprain the ankle or damage various bones in the foot. The proper form for this move would be to have your foot extended with the lower part of your leg and have your foot wrap around the bag at the point of contact.


You Don't Use Your Core To Rotate

"Not using your core prevents you from getting the right amount of power out of your hooks," Agurello tells Romper. "Since the power primarily comes from your core rotation and legs, you hits are not as effective when core rotations are not used."


You're Not Investing In A Good Instructor

Anderson adds that those that are new to kickboxing don't do their research on their instructor. "If the instructor is not qualified, they are not going to provide good teachings," he tells Romper. "Your instructor is supposed to guide you through the proper combinations and trainings to receive the best training possible. Everything starts with them." He recommends doing thorough research on the trainers you are considering before investing your time and money into them.


You Don't Grip Your Hand Tight Enough

Corley says that not gripping your hand tight enough before striking is a common mistake the new kickboxers make. "When the fist is not gripped tight enough before striking the bag, it can cause the energy of the strike to damage the hand instead of having the power transfer to the bag," he explains. "As a solution, he recommends practicing the correct holding of your hand both in and out of the glove.