Courtesy of Pepper Martin
9 Plus Size Fashion Hacks That'll Have You Looking Fabulous
by Pepper M. Martin

Being a plus size woman with an intense love for fashion has made me pretty creative and knowledgeable over the years. Of course, when I was younger I fell prey to many styling tips and rules of the typical size two on the cover of a magazine. Not to say that those rules and tips didn’t work, they just didn’t work for my body. I had to create my own set of plus size fashion hacks to work for my curvy frame. Many experiences were epic fails, but others became my tried-and true tricks.

It’s no secret that plus size women pay a pretty penny for clothing in the retail industry. Many brands are recognizing this spending power and offering new designs or expanding sizes just for us. Of course when this does happens, you need a few plus size fashion hacks or two in your arsenal to help you decipher those pesky size charts, cut descriptions, and fabric choices. That's why these tips and tricks were designed. They aren't meant to lead you to an abyss of judgement for not buying the latest fringe, suede, skinny jeans with a magic no slip waistband. Rather, they're meant to open your eyes to new wardrobe possibilities. So next time you go on a shopping spree or search through your closet, try implementing these plus size fashion hacks to keep you looking fabulous.


Know Your Measurements

Do you know your body measurements? Understanding and deciphering the dreaded online size chart depends on the accuracy of your measurement. Not sure about your number? Get measured by a professional and remember having the right number rewards you with a great fit.


Get Snatched

To those unaware of the term "snatched," it means to look amazing, fierce, or flat out fabulous. And to help with that, I recommend building a proper foundation with the help of Spanx. You'll be amazed to see what happens to your body when you have on proper foundation that frames your silhouette.

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Wrap Up Your Button Down

Here is a quick tip to rework the classic white button down. With the shirt on and unopened, wrap one end of the shirt tail to the opposite side of your waist, pin it and vice versa for the other end of the garment. Tuck into a skirt of jeans for a different look to an old favorite. The motion of the wrap top will accentuate your waist and put the focus on the smallest part of your frame.

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Remix Your Looks

One of the best ways to maximize your wardrobe is to break up your suits and coordinating sets. Wear the pieces together, and then break them up for more options. This works really well for those of us who travel a lot for business, as one suit can last an entire week when styled correctly.

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Wear The Skirt As A Dress

This is one of my favorite tips for those warmer months. Wear your favorite maxi skirt as a midi dress with one simple accessory. Simply bring the top of the skirt up to your chest and cinch it with the belt. Now blouse the rest of the fabric over the belt and make adjustments to the length.

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Get To Know Your Fabrics

Courtesy of Pepper Martin

Everyone's made the mistake of loving something we've seen online, purchasing the item and not understanding the fabric breakdown of the garment. To help with this, memorize the guide above which breaks down the most common materials by "stretch" and "no stretch".


Love Your Clothes

Because plus size women pay so much for clothing, you want them to last and keep looking great. This means proper garment care for those pieces that get more love than others.


Buy Multiple Color

Whenever I find a piece of clothing that works well for my body, I always buy the same style it in another color. This is a great way to build your wardrobe with pieces that you can mix and match for other looks.

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Just ComeThrough

No matter what your style, your greatest hack is what you bring to the look. Love your look. Love yourself. And always come through.