9 Things To Know About Getting Pregnant When Mercury Is In Retrograde If You Want To Be Extra-Careful

Deciding to have a baby is a big move for anybody, so it's understandable if you want reassurance. Why not look to the stars for help? (In this case, you're looking to a planet, but the point stands.) The things to know about getting pregnant when mercury is in retrograde may change the way you think about conception for the next few weeks.

So what does Mercury in retrograde mean? The planet is not actually moving backwards. From an astronomical point of view, Mercury's orbit of the sun takes 88 days, compared to the Earth's 365 days, according to Paste. Because of this difference in orbit time, sometimes the Earth's journey overtakes Mercury for a few weeks. For stargazers on Earth, Mercury appears to move backward, AKA retrograde, during this time.

Of course, people didn't have this explanation hundreds of years ago. Back in the day, it looked like a planet was moving backward through the sky, and this understandably made some people uncomfortable. So it's no surprise that a lot of astrological significance was attached to this event. In essence, Mercury in retrograde brings chaos and confusion, according to Astrology Zone. During this phase, signing contracts, starting a new job, or making any major life decision is generally not recommended.

So what does this mean for people who are trying to conceive? Here are a few things you may want to keep in mind during this topsy-turvy phase. Oh, and don't feel bad if astrology isn't normally your bag. Plenty of people get a little superstitious about something as big as conception, so it's OK if you're curious.


You May Have Communication Issues

Misunderstandings abound during this part of the year. It's easy to mishear almost anyone during Mercury's retrograde, according to Astrology Horoscopes. Make sure you're communicating clearly with your partner, doctor, and anyone else who knows about your attempted conception. It's good practice for any parent-to-be.


You Might Be Forgetful

People who feel scatterbrained may dislike this astrological time in particular. Forgetfulness is common when Mercury is in retrograde, according to Astrology Zone. Be extra mindful if you're using a fertility tracking calendar, for example.


You Might Want To Avoid Starting Something New

Hmmm, this one is a puzzle. According to Buzzfeed, it's not a good idea to launch any new ventures when Mercury is in retrograde, because there's a high chance of failure. Of course, you probably want to keep trying for a baby if your ovulation window happens to fall during this time, so it's kind of a judgement call. How do you interpret the idea of a new venture?


Your Tech Might Get Glitchy

Technological failure is expected around this time. Anything from your email to your phone might have tech problems during Mercury's retrograde, according to If you're using an app to track fertility levels, be extra careful.


You'll Want To Watch Your Budget

Conception is essentially free for many people. But it's still a good idea to watch your budget when Mercury is in retrograde, because finances can go haywire at this time, according to Find Your Fate. Hey, saving a little extra for the possible baby is always smart.


You Should Expect Transformative Experiences

This time of year is all about changes, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Mercury in retrograde is known to cause major life changes, according to Find Your Fate. Could this include a new baby for you?


You Can Expect Arguments

Sometimes the miscommunication goes to the next level. Arguments are common when Mercury is in retrograde, according to The Sun. Hopefully you won't be arguing with your partner about baby names just yet.


You Should Read Instructions Twice

Reading the fine print is a big theme. In fact, reading any instruction manual twice is a good practice this time of year, as explained in The Sun. If you're using an ovulation test for the first time, double-check all the directions.


You Can Have A Baby Any Time

All these warnings about Mercury in retrograde may feel like this isn't the best time to conceive. But it's always a good time to get pregnant, according to Astrology Zone. Retrograde periods won't negatively affect your future kid in the least.