You Really Can't Go Wrong With These 28 Cheap Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers

They're gonna love the Santa-shaped Pez dispenser.

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Presents for stockings are some of the most fun gifts to buy because they’re the first things kids will see on Christmas morning. Different age groups require different gifts, and if you’re shopping for little ones, you’ll want to be on the lookout for fun and affordable stocking stuffers for toddlers. Between stacking toys, stuff for water play, winter essentials, and candy, there are a lot of great options.

The most difficult thing about buying presents for toddlers is that they’re still developing so fast they grow out of basically everything in a matter of months. Knowing they’re likely going to be totally uninterested in their gift by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around doesn’t make spending a lot of money on stocking stuffers very appealing. Thankfully, toddlers don’t need a ton of bells and whistles on their toys, so you can find a lot of great presents they will love for less than $25 (and that’s on the high end).

Depending on the size of their stocking, you can toss in a new hat and mittens set, a board book, their favorite snack (Pirate’s Booty, anyone?), stuffed animals, and a few toys. Whether your stocking budget is big or small, you can surely fill it up with things they will love finding. Honestly, you could gift a younger toddler with a pack of wipes and let them pull out every single one and they’d be overjoyed, so you really don’t need to stress over finding affordable stocking stuffers. Still, these are some great options.

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Stacking Cups

Stacking cups offer tots a great opportunity to do something they naturally love - stack. Not only that, but these cups can also be played with in the bath or with a sensory table so your toddler can pour things in and out of them (another activity they love). This set comes with 8 cups that are all different sizes and colors and neatly nest into each other.


Bath Toys

Bath toys are always a good idea for toddlers, and this little wind-up penguin is no exception. To make it swim, you just need to wind-up its arms, put it in the water, and watch it go. It’s lightweight and big enough for a toddler’s little hands to grab onto.


Colorful Bath Tablets

For kids who love all things colorful, these bath tablets add some magic to bathtime. In this jar, you get 300 color tablets (100 large, 200 small) in red, yellow, and blue. You can mix the tabs together to create different colors, like red and blue, make a purple bath, and play around with which sizes you use to make the water more vibrant or pastel colors. They’re non-toxic, safe, and they won’t stain the tub.


Bath Crayons

Finally, a crayon they can actually color the walls (of the shower/tub) with. These Crayola bath crayons come in nine different colors and give little ones the opportunity to color all over the shower. you don’t have to worry about all of the ‘art’ either, because the color washes right off without staining.


Kinder Joy Egg

Kinder Joy eggs combine two of toddlers' favorite things: chocolate and toys. The egg has two sides, one with a cream flavor and the other with a chocolate flavor, and inside them is a surprise toy. It’s like two gifts in one, really. Just make sure you’re giving it to a toddler who's at least 3 years old before you put it in their stocking.


Marvel Black Panther Plush Stuffed T’Challa Pillow Buddy

Whether they’re already into Marvel superheroes, or you’re working to get them to share your love of them, this 27” plush toy will get them excited for Black Panther. It’s made from super soft material and can be safely thrown into the washing machine anytime it’s been through one too many adventures.


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

If you read this book as a kid, you know how fun and catchy it is. Now you can share that love with your favorite toddler by adding the board book version to their stocking. It has all the same bright illustrations and ABC rhymes the original has, and it won’t be long before you can recite the whole thing by memory.


M&M's Milk Chocolate Holiday Cane

Is any stocking complete without some candy in it? Assuming they’re old enough, most toddlers will be very happy to find a candy cane case full of M&Ms in their stocking. The 3oz tube is packed with red and green M&Ms to celebrate the season


Chicken Racer

You might be asking, “Who needs a chicken racer?” but the real question is who doesn’t need one? This adorable car is made from 100% wood and has a curved design that’s perfect for little hands to hold on to and push around. As silly of a toy as it is, chances are very good a smile will quickly spread across a toddler’s face when they discover it in their stocking.



You can never have too many crayons, especially since they all seem to end up in tiny little broken bits too small to color with eventually. A toddler’s stocking is the perfect way to replenish your supply with this 16-piece box, which contains all of the most essential colors.


Play Doh

Toddlers will love cracking into new containers of Play-Doh on Christmas morning, especially when they’re mixed with confetti. This set comes with six different colors as well as two tools that will help kids roll out fun creations. You can give the whole box to them at once, or split the containers up between all of multiple kids’ stockings.


Disney Princess Doll

For the Disney Princess fans, this Tiana plush doll will be a welcome stocking stuffer. It measures 20” tall and is full of detail from her jewelry, to her crown, to her gorgeous dress, which even has shimmer details on it. The doll is made from polyester and will be a cozy bedtime buddy.



Super cute Christmas stickers make a great stocking stuffer, as long as you don't mind dealing with removing them from the creative places toddlers end up sticking them. With this pack, you get six sheets of 50 holiday-themed stickers featuring Santa, snowmen, elves, animals, and more. If you have multiple stockings to fill, this one purchase can easily be split up amongst them all.


Nail Polish

Piggy Paint is perfect for toddlers who are dying to get a mani/pedi. This set comes with four bright colors in mini-size bottles. All of the polishes are non-toxic, smell great, and dry quickly (which is especially important for wiggly little kids).



No toddler library is complete without one of Sandra Boynton's adorable board books. This Christmas book features one of her most popular characters, Pookie. It’s a sweet bedtime story for Christmas night, and any other night after.


Personalized Ornament

Toddlers will get a kick out of hanging their own personalized ornament on the tree this year, and every year to come. You can have this little superhero personalized with their name and the year, or another message if you’d like (just ask the seller). Each ornament is handmade, so get yours ordered fast to ensure it’s delivered in time


Wooden Waffle Van

The perfect size to pop in a stocking, this solid Beech Wood treat truck is sure to be the hottest destination in your kid's playroom (for all the tiniest toys, that is).


Hand Kite

Toddlers can hang on to the wood ring of this kite and wave their arms around while they watch the ribbons fly through the air. The kite has a 2.75” ring with six colored ribbons tied to it (giving it 12 tails). One important note, the toy is meant to be played with, not used as a teether.



You can’t go wrong with stuffing a kids’ stocking with sweet treats. This package of Oreos will certainly be a snack they’ll be excited to find. The package has 10 cookies in it and it’s designed to tuck nicely into a stocking.


Night Light

Make their room a little brighter by gifting them with a cute little night light. This seahorse light has a battery-operated LED light in it that has an auto-shutoff after about 60 minutes so it won’t drain the battery, which means you can put it anywhere without having to worry about them becoming suddenly interested in playing with an outlet.


Water Bottle

For anyone who is tired of the toddler in their life constantly taking their water bottle from them, a kid-size water bottle is a great stocking stuffer. This one holds 12 ounces of fluid and has a straw spout to help avoid spills. The only bad part? There are so many cute design options to choose from that it’ll be hard to narrow down your choices.


Hat & Mittens

If you live somewhere cool, then a hat and mittens are a perfect stocking stuffer. This hat has a knit dinosaur design, pulls over the head and folds over for a good fit, and is topped with a cute pompom. With that hat, you’ll also get a pair of knit grey mittens to match, but no promises on a toddler keeping track of them all winter long.


Adorable Unicorn Plush Toy

Little kids can never have too many stuffed animals, and this one is made from 100% organic cotton which makes it super soft. It measures 14 inches tall, is hypoallergenic, and is filled with corn fiber.


Rudolph Finger Puppets

Toddlers who spent the holiday season watching classics like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer will love these little character finger puppets. The set comes with five puppets, that are sized to fit on the fingers of kids at least 3 years old.


Elmo Bubble Bath

What toddler wouldn’t have a ball splashing around in a bubble bath? This 24 oz bottle is full of soap that’s fragrance and dye-free, which means it should be gentle on sensitive skin. Plus, it has Elmo on the bottle, and what toddler can resist Elmo?


Santa Pez

Pez candy is just OK, but Pez dispensers? That's where the fun's at. This Santa themed dispenser comes complete with two packages of candy, each with an assortment of fruity flavors. The candy is free of gluten, tree nuts, and peanuts but is best for kids 3 years old and up.


Toddler Toothbrushes

Practical presents make great stocking stuffers, too. And, after all the holiday treats they'll be eating, most toddlers could definitely use a good toothbrush to keep their teeth cavity-free. If this gift is met with a frown on Christmas morning, you can always say that it's for their most precious stuffed animals.

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