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10 Amazing Things Breast Milk Can Do

It’s called liquid gold for good reason.

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Yes, it nourishes your babe, but breast milk truly does so much more. From its ever-changing composition to healing properties, breast milk is an absolutely amazing substance.

Adjusts to your baby’s unique needs.

Your breast milk’s composition changes depending on what your baby needs thanks to breast milk-saliva interactions. (But it happens when pumping, too!) When they’re sick or have a growth spurt, your milk’s make-up will be customized.
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Changes as your baby grows.

“A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the lipid content as well as sugars and proteins shifted once the children began receiving supplementary nutrition,” Romper previously reported.
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Detects your baby’s feeding pattern.

The Journal of Human Lactation found that the protein density of the milk changes based on hunger triggers detected in irregular feeding patterns, seeking to attend to the baby's needs by providing more filling food at subsequent feedings.

Protects your baby from Covid-19.

Breast milk already has immune-boosting properties, but if you have Covid-19 antibodies (from prior infection or vaccination), your antibodies can be passed on to your baby via breast milk.

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Changes colors.

Depending on fat content, foods and medications consumed, and whether or not it’s been frozen, breast milk can appear to be a rainbow of colors. From blue to green, orange, and yellow, the tint of the milk can change.

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Heals diaper rash.

“Breast milk has antibodies, and it is believed that these kill the bacteria that can cause diaper rash,” Andrea Tran, a registered nurse and lactation consultant, previously told Romper.

Makes homemade baby lotion.

You can make your own DIY baby lotion using breast milk by adding a few other ingredients like beeswax and vitamin E. It’s hydrating, soothing, and natural.

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Soothe a sunburn or sting.

Whether yourself or your child has a sting or burn, applying pumped breast milk to the area is a natural way take away the burning sensation.
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Adapts to multiple children.

If you’re tandem nursing, your breast milk’s composition can change and adapt to the needs of each of your children — especially if they each nurse on separate breasts exclusively.

Influences your baby’s food preferences.

The flavor of your breast milk changes based on the foods you eat, especially strong flavors like garlic or heavy spices. Some experts think this can influence your baby’s food preferences later and make them more open to new flavors.
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