Arm & Hammer’s Newest Detergent Aims To Make Laundry A Little Easier On You (And The Environment)

Amazon shoppers say they’re never going back.

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Keeping up with laundry can feel like a never-ending chore, especially in a home with a little one or two (or more). Fortunately, Arm & Hammer just launched a new type of laundry detergent that just might make the process a little easier. The Power Sheets Laundry Detergent delivers the brand’s same effective cleaning powers in a concentrated, easy to measure sheet form — all within a lightweight, recyclable cardboard box.

This new detergent has won over actress and environmental champion Victoria Justice, who partnered with the classic brand for the move toward a reduced-plastic future. Justice shared in a recent press release, “It's important for me to align with brands that are committed to reducing plastic bottle waste. ARM & HAMMER™ Power Sheets Laundry Detergent plays a vital role in doing that while also delivering effective cleaning performance.”

Of course, you may be wondering: Does this streamlined design sacrifice on performance? According to Arm & Hammer, the concentrated sheets use the same type of potent cleaning ingredients as the brand’s traditional liquid detergent for a powerful, residue-free wash. And the sheets can be customized to your needs — the brand recommends using a half sheet for small loads, one sheet for standard loads, and two sheets for large or extra soiled loads. The sheets are formulated to dissolve quickly and completely, even in cold-water washes.

As icing on the cake, there are quite a few factors that help make Arm & Hammer Power Sheets Detergent an environmentally conscious option. First, the plastic-free packaging means fewer cumbersome jugs winding up in landfills — because, as it turns out, most are not being recycled — and the cardboard box the sheets come in can in fact be recycled. Second, the liquid-free sheets and compact package makes for easier shipping, which helps reduce their carbon footprint. Finally, the sheets’ “Quick Dissolve Technology” means cold-water washes are still a-OK — helping to minimize your energy use.

The liquid-less detergent sheets have already earned high marks from shoppers on Amazon. Here are a few notable reviews from verified buyers:

“I've noticed a significant improvement in the overall cleanliness of my laundry since using these power sheets. They are particularly great for tackling tough stains like coffee, grass, or even grease.” — Denisse G.

“I wish I could give it more stars. I am very happy with the Arm and Hammer Power Sheets. I like the fresh linen scent. I like that the sheet dissolved quickly and left my laundry : bright, deep cleaned and with a fresh scent.” — Annette VG

“My laundry smells BETTER than when I use the liquid or powdered Arm & Hammer laundry soap. The laundry sheets are easy to use and NO more drips or SPILLS!! I am excited that I won’t be using bulky, barely recyclable plastic jugs anymore!” — B.Farrell

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