Your Baby Girl Would Look Adorable Coming Home In These Outfits

Cozy rompers, adorable dresses, and so many bows.

There’s a lot to look forward to with the arrival of a new baby girl, and one of the more exciting preparations is packing your hospital bag with all of the essentials — including little outfits for her. While it’s true that newborn babies don’t need a ton of new clothing, it’s really hard to resist splurging on some of the cutest coming home outfits for baby girls when you come across them. Between all of the ruffles, bows, and soft pink fabrics, there’s a good chance you’ll end up packing more than one clothing option to bring your little one home in.

As a mom of two girls, I know how much fun it is to hunt for the cutest coming home outfits for baby girls. With my first daughter, I ended up with an adorable set that included a cozy pair of pants, a sweater, and a little hat with bear ears. She ended up arriving five weeks early, so she was pretty much swimming in the outfit when we took her home, but it still looked absolutely adorable. However, thanks to her early arrival, I was prepared with both preemie and newborn size clothes for the arrival of my second daughter, who ended up making her appearance six weeks early. Even though she was born in the hot North Carolina summer, I still opted to dress her in a cotton long-sleeve romper simply because she was so tiny and needed to stay warm.

While shopping for the cutest coming home outfits for baby girls is a lot of fun, there are also a lot of things to consider when you’re narrowing down your options, such as the weather and if your baby is measuring big or small. Of course, you can’t plan for everything, so it never hurts to invest in a couple of options (especially if you’re finding it impossible to choose just one).

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A Pink Two-Piece Set

For something that’s simple and cozy, consider this pink kimono set. It’s made from 100% cotton and only comes in newborn size (so, it’s perfect for a coming home outfit). The knit top has a kimono style that stretches diagonally across the chest and buttons down with loops designed to look like little bows. Instead of traditional pants, these bottoms have a footie design, so they’re sure to keep your baby girl’s tiny toes warm. Since it’s made from cotton, it’s an excellent choice no matter what time of year your little one is born (and if it happens to be extra chilly out, this set will look fantastic paired with a traditional newborn hat from the hospital).


A Preemie-Sized Set

If you know there’s a chance you could deliver a preemie, or if your little one is measuring small, or if you have a history of delivering teeny newborns, then it’s worth looking into some preemie-sized cute coming home outfits for baby girls. This Hudson Baby four-piece set is an excellent option because not only does it come with all of the essentials, including a hat, pants, short-sleeved onesie, and long-sleeve top, it’s also less expensive than a lot of other coming home outfit options out there, so if you don’t end up needing it then it’s not a huge financial loss (and you can always donate it to your hospital’s NICU before you leave).


A Ruffled Romper

Made from a cotton blend with spandex, this sparkle jacquard knit romper by Cat & Jack is snug, comfortable, and so adorable. It features long sleeves with ruffled shoulders and long pants that snap up along the inside for easy diaper changes. From a distance, the fabric looks solid blue, but up close you’ll see sparkly threads throughout, giving the romper a little touch of glam. Pair this sweet outfit with some cozy booties, a headband (or hat, if it’s cold), and one of her brand new pacis, and your little girl will look and feel fantastic as she heads home for the first time.


A Set With Options

Since there isn’t a single cutest coming home outfit for baby girls, it’s helpful to have options to choose from when you and your daughter are discharged from the hospital. To save on packing space, opt for a set like this 2-pack stretch organic cotton wrap bodysuits and pants set from FIRSTS by Petit Lem. It comes with a single pair of coral pants as well as two complementing wrap-style onesies to choose from. All of the pieces are made from organic cotton so they’re lightweight and soft to the touch and will keep your baby cozy but not too hot during their car ride home from the hospital.


Some Very Cute Baby Overalls

If this isn’t one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what is. The Elle Playsuit features faux buttons at the top of the bib (to make it look like overalls), snap closure at the bottom, and a button in the center of the back where the straps have three holes for adjustable sizing. The playsuit has a corduroy fabric that’s made from 98% cotton and features a little embroidered bouquet of flowers across the chest. Since the baby’s legs will be bare, this little playsuit is great for warm days in spring, summer, or fall, and will look adorable paired with a basic long-sleeve onesie underneath.


A Lovely Black & White Set

For parents who aren’t fans of all things pink, this first favorite kimono outfit set from Gap features a black and white design for a more minimalist look, but it still has a girly touch thanks to the fluttery hems on the top. The set is made from 100% organic cotton and includes a wrap-style top with three-button snap closure and a pair of foot-style pants that say “LOVE YOU” across the back. If you’re not into the polka dots and heart style, this set is also available in an equally-cute striped print with a teddy bear (in fact, you may want to just go ahead and get both styles).


A Cozy Jumpsuit

This double-layered 100% organic cotton gauze jumpsuit is so light, airy, and soft that it’s perfect for a little one born in the hot summer. It features functioning faux-wood buttons along that front as well as snaps along the legs for easy diaper changes. It’s available in this gorgeous red as well as in a rich deep teal color. While your little girl will look fabulous in this no matter what, she’ll look extra cute if it’s paired with a cute floral headband and some little brown moccasin booties. Oh, and if there’s a spit-up or blowout diaper situation, there’s no need to worry, because this jumpsuit is safe for the washer and dryer.


A Soft Cotton Set

Some of the cutest coming home outfits for baby girls have simple designs but just a touch of something extra, as evidenced by this two-piece cotton set from H&M. It comes with a pair of sweatpants that feature a wide foldover waist and ribbed hems as well as a soft sweatshirt with snap closure on the front and a little eyelet lace detail that stretches from shoulder to shoulder. Each piece is made from 100% cotton, so while the outfit is definitely warm, it’s also breathable to prevent overheating. If you’re a little hesitant to invest in such a light-colored outfit for a messy baby, this set is also available in a variety of other colors and patterns.


A Girl Power Romper

Doesn’t this “Women Power” organic baby romper look so cozy? It’s made with a snug fit from 100% organic cotton and features snaps along the legs for easy diaper changes as well as a snap along the collar to make it easier to get on/off. The romper has an all-over print with rainbows, peace signs, lightning bolts, and the faces of different women for a total girl power vibe. This is another romper that would look completely fine on its own, but if you want to accessorize it with a headband, hat, or shoes (or all three), definitely consider playing off the bright colors in the print to give your little girl even more of a pop.


A Rainbow Baby Outfit

While rainbows can always be worn by any baby, anytime, there’s obviously something a little extra special about the symbol for parents of a rainbow baby. If this is the case for your baby girl, then this four-piece romper pants set is definitely a worthy coming home outfit. It comes with a long-sleeve onesie with ruffle shoulders and a rainbow graphic on the front that reads “hi, I’m new here” as well as a pair of pants, a hat, and a headband (that comes untied). The pieces are made from a soft, lightweight cotton blend fabric and are perfect for babies born any time of the year.


A “Bundle Of Joy” Top

For a coming home outfit that tells it like it is, go for something like this long-sleeve bodysuit onesie that reads “Bundle of Joy.” It’s made from 100% cotton and features a classic onesie design with three-snap closure for easy diaper changes and on/off. While you can certainly opt to bring your baby home in only a onesie, you may want to pair the top with some cute bottoms to give your girl a complete look. If she’s a summer baby, a colorful skirt or shorts would work great, and a pair of leggings with ruffles along the bum would be perfect for a little one born in chillier weather.


A Skirted Onesie

While dresses on babies are so cute, they can also be tricky to deal with when they’re so little, but a skirted bodysuit, like this one, gives the illusion of a dress without running the risk of constantly riding and bunching up (making the baby cranky and uncomfortable). This one is designed to really look like a dress with gathering at the sleeves as well as at the waist to give the illusion of a skirt. It also features three wood buttons along the front, snap closure at the bottom, and is made from organic cotton so it’s both practical and super cozy.

Shopping for the cutest coming home outfits for baby girls is so much fun, but remember to try to be selective because no matter how tiny your little one is when she’s born, she will still grow quickly so she can only wear a newborn size for so long. So, grab a couple of options for her ride home from the hospital, and then opt for a size up in some of the other styles that are just too hard to resist.