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Beautiful Christmas Cookies To Inspire You

Hint: You're gonna need a lot of piping bags.

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If you're stuck in a Christmas cookie rut, there's some great inspiration here.

Jazz up gingerbread with buttercream piping, make simple cookies into Rudolph, and when in doubt: sprinkle on some powdered sugar.

Meringue cookies are easy and gorgeous. Just add a little cocoa powder or peppermint for a perfect Christmas flavor.Shutterstock
A linzer cookie cutter makes the traditional classic raspberry jam and almond flour treat a breeze.Shutterstock
Butter cookies are always a holiday classic, but matcha green tea ones dipped in chocolate have an elegance to them.Pastry and Food Photography/Moment/Getty Images
I still say you should just buy the pre-made houses, but you can at least be inspired by the piping and decor here.Shutterstock
OK, macarons are known for being fickle cookies, but rolling them around in crushed candy canes can hide any imperfection.Cavan Images/Cavan/Getty Images
I say a generous dollop of jam in a thumbprint cookie makes all the difference in how they look. (And always powdered sugar.)Shutterstock
Royal icing can be tricky, but if you're not doing a full bleed on a cookie, you can still make beautiful designs. Shutterstock
I love a thick sugar cookie with buttercream, and even when decorated by children, the colors and textures make them just perfect.Carlina Teteris/Moment/Getty Images
You'll obviously need a specific rolling pin and/or cookie cutter for this design (cookie stamps are great), but wow, what a statement.Shutterstock
Chewy, thick, ginger and molasses cookies cut into stars and topped with an easy powdered sugar glaze look darling — especially on a Christmas platter.Shutterstock
OK, forget royal icing. Make a giant batch of buttercream frosting, and don't add any color. This is a super easy way to pipe a whole bunch of cookies at once and make them look beautiful.Shutterstock
For the kids, but also for you, these reindeer cookies are super easy. Pick your favorite recipe (I vote peanut butter) and add a red M&M and some chocolate frosting to make the perfect Rudolph face.Shutterstock
When all else fails, put all your cookies into a tree shape for the ultimate Christmas look. (But seriously, those wreath cookies are *perfect*.)Shutterstock
Scandinavian rosette cookies are just gorgeous, and you can buy a cookie cutter to make them flawless. (Don't forget the powdered sugar.)Shutterstock

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