World Book Day

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16 Beautiful Home Libraries For World Book Day

Because nothing’s cozier than a wall or corner full of books and blankets.

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If you need some home library inspiration, whether your space is small or large, feast your eyes on these incredible book displays. For World Book Day, consider making your own perfect little home library.

I love the different shelf sizes in this library, and how simple they keep it with one leather chair right there by the window. (It also seems tucked away from the rest of the house, which is my favorite way to read.)onurdongel/E+/Getty Images

Ceiling-to-floor bookshelves are always gorgeous, but when they’re completely filled with books, they look even more luxurious.

This one looks like a big giant work space, but all of that light plus all of those shelves (and the ladder!) are just darling.sihuo0860371/E+/Getty Images
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Libraries don’t have to be stuffy either. Making your library part of your living space is perfect for families.

Obsessed with everything about this library. The mega-traditional sofas with pops of color and, of course, all the books, makes for a super inviting space.Shutterstock
Not everybody has an entire room or even a free wall to become a library, so this little nook is a fun option. I love the idea of a window seat, and I love that tucked-in, cozy vibe here.Shutterstock
This bookcase has been sweetly styled with some fun touches, and also a rainbow array of book spines. This makes for a great statement piece, and proves that your “home library” can just be a bookcase.Shutterstock
A wall of shelves, a cozy chair, and a library cat. What more does a beautiful home library need?Federico Tensi / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images
This is another perfect library in an unconventional space. That little nook by the window is just lovely, and I love how simple the shelves are here. You could style them in tons of different ways.ArtistGNDphotography/E+/Getty Images
This library is just a corner of a room, but it makes a big statement with all white shelves, black and white accessories, and pops of color from the books. Such a modern, fun little nook.sihuo0860371/E+/Getty Images
Sigh. So many happy feelings in this library. If you have a big wall of bookcases like this and little ones, consider putting all of their books at the bottom so they can reach their own favorites.uchar/E+/Getty Images
This looks like a rental cabin listing, and I’m here for it. The dark paneling gives it a very moody vibe, and I’m obsessed with the wall of encyclopedias. Nothing says library like a set of encyclopedias. (And big squashy couches.)Shutterstock

Sandwiched between doors at the end of a hall, this is the perfect use of space if you have a dead-end wall. My favorite are the cabinets below and that swing-arm lamp glowing perfectly next to the books.

That. Green. Y’all, I’m swooning. The bookcases are also hidden behind what looks like a metal grate door, giving some serious vintage vibes. (The pink couches also help.)Shutterstock
This is basically The Beast’s castle, but in modern times and without having to kidnap Belle.Shutterstock
Just look at those built-ins. Whether you have this much space (or a swing in your house) doesn’t matter — it’s the twinkle lights really making this library perfect.Shutterstock

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