Alcohol and pumpkin pie can go well together, whether you like beer, wine, or liquor.

Pumpkin Pie Pairs Best With These Drinks, According To A Sommelier

Because what’s dessert without drinks?

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Pies are the best part of Thanksgiving, but the adult beverages are a close second (sorry to the turkey lovers out there). And although all forms of this crust-plus-filling holiday staple are delicious, November is pumpkin’s time to shine, so you’ll want to find out what alcohol pairs best with pumpkin pie. These drink selections are intended to complement the flavor of the pie — not compete with it — for a magical tasting experience.

If you like rum, you’re in luck; the liquor is notoriously sweet and pairs well with pumpkin.

And because there are plenty of recipes for pumpkin-spiced rum, as well as rum-spiked pumpkin pie, it looks like these two flavors are made for one another. To increase the warmth and coziness, try this recipe for hot buttered rum, as noted in It makes for a sweet, warming treat that’s the cherry on top of a decadent day. You can also look to the liquor cabinet, beyond rum, for inspiration — brandy and whiskey are perfect drinks to offset the flavor of pumpkin pie, along with cognac or bourbon. There are tons of recipes for bourbon pumpkin pie, as seen on Epicurious and really, if the liquor is a potential secret ingredient in a dish, then it's probably going to pair well with it separately.

Not into spirits? Wine always has a seat at the dessert table. “The general rule with sweets/desserts is the wine should always be sweeter than the dessert,” Conner Taylor, sommelier and founder of Sommify Games tells Romper. “If you serve a wine that is drier than the dessert, the wine can taste bitter. Sugar in food will heighten acidity in wine and can make it seem sharp.”

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“I love Port with dessert,” Taylor says. “I think a good blonde Port or Moscatel port would do quite nicely with the flavors of pumpkin pie! My recommendation is Quinta do Portal Moscatel Port from the Douro.” He adds that if you’re looking for a more traditional port, the “Quinta do Crasto LBV Port is fantastic.”

But if you're more of a beer drinker, a nice brown ale or a coffee stout would help bring out the subtle spice flavors in the pie, according to Draft Mag. Sweetness and spice seem to be a big theme in the beer recommendations, in fact. A vanilla ale to enhance pumpkin flavors is also recommended by The Spruce. It looks like the combo of a sweeter, heavier beer paired with pumpkin pie will be a hit.

And if all this sounds like too much work and you just want to eat some pie with a chaser of Fireball whiskey, go right ahead.

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