The 4 Best Baby Hangers

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by Ileana Morales Valentine

Your baby’s wardrobe can quickly outgrow your own, so it helps to stay organized. A dresser is essential in a baby’s space, but clothes on hangers are especially easy to sort through. Also, your baby won’t be able to reach them. Whether you prefer the elevated look of velvet or wood, or want a budget-friendly plastic option for stocking up, the best baby hangers come with smart design features that actually keep those little clothes in place.

The material you choose for your baby’s closet will affect the overall look, but there are also practical differences worth considering among your options. Velvet baby hangers are increasingly popular thanks to their sturdy but lightweight build. Their sleek and space-saving design has gentler shoulders that don’t crease clothes; they also make a closet look a bit more elevated, though they can be more expensive. The most basic hangers are made of plastic, which is affordable, though maybe not as durable, flexible, or attractive as other options. For the sturdiest option, choose wooden hangers; the natural grain gives a timeless look and is the best option for heavier items like winter clothes, though know that they’re not going to bend for getting clothes on easily.

Regardless of which material you prefer, there are a few small details to look for in a hanger that make every day a little easier. Hangers with notched shoulders or anti-slip designs keep clothes exactly where you want them. Swivel hooks are a bit easier to maneuver than hangers with fixed hooks. Items like pants can hang from a bottom bar or you may prefer a hanger with clips.

All of the hanger sets below are highly rated on Amazon, including a budget-friendly pick with 10,000 reviews. The best baby hangers will instantly help your tiny clothing collection feel more organized, and I’ve included a must-have accessory to keep all the different clothing sizes organized for your growing baby, month by month.

1. A Premium Set Of Velvet Baby Hangers That Double Closet Space

These baby velvet hangers will give your little one’s closet the feel of a boutique while also doubling or even tripling your closet space with their slim 0.2-inch profile. They stand out amid other similar hangers with an impressive 4.8-star rating and nearly 1,000 reviews on Amazon. As for durability, I can tell you I’m going on year three with two sets of these velvet hangers, and not one has broken.

Each non-slip hanger features a swivel hook, notched shoulders, and holds up to 10 pounds. The ivory shade of these hangers will let your baby’s cute outfits shine, but you can also get them in other colors, like blue and green.

A helpful review: “My original intent of simply putting all of my baby's stuff in a drawer had too many drawbacks, so I decided to look for hangers besides my ragtag collection of plastic store hangers. These are absolutely wonderful. They are sturdy, a true baby-sized hanger, and hold up very well. I have not experienced any problems with velvet dust like I feared. The velvet covering holds all clothes very well, and the shape even allows me to fold pants over them. I love how super thin they are, making crowding stuff into the closet a breeze. Best of all, these are a great bargain at 25 for the price.”

2. A Fan-Favorite Plastic Set In A Budget-Friendly Pack Of 60

If sticking to a budget is key, you can’t beat these affordable baby hangers that come in a set of 60 for just over $20. They’re plastic with reinforced edges for added durability, and they’re a reliable choice with a 4.8-star rating and nearly 10,000 reviews.

These hangers feature notched shoulders to keep clothes from sliding off, and the bottom bar also prevents clothes from slipping thanks to grooved, indented lines that hold pants in place. These hangers are thicker than the top pick, as most plastic hangers are, though they are notably designed for a relatively slim fit with just 0.3-inch width.

White hangers will match any style, but they also come in pink and blue — or stick to white but nab them in the smaller 30-pack or 20-pack.

A helpful review: “My son has decided that he wants to be like mom and hang all his 'work' shirts up [...] They are perfect mini versions of the durable white plastic hangers I use already, and they fit his clothes (18 - 24 months) great. His little shirts are all hung up now and I have a happy toddler! The quality is great, and there were a TON of hangers [...] honestly I could have been just fine with half as many, but this way if he breaks some I have spares!”

3. These Wood Baby Hangers With Clips For Pants And Skirts

These wooden baby hangers have non-slip steel grips for a secure but cushioned hold to avoid creases on pants. Each hanger has a swivel hook, and the adjustable fit of the clips suits clothing from infants to up to age 6. They come in a money-saving pack of 20. It has a width of 0.5 inches.

A helpful review: “These hangers are both pretty & durable! The clips do not slide on the bar keeping the clothing exactly where it needs to be. Love the wood & metal design. Its design allows it to be used on baby to adult sized clothing! Great product that I will definitely buy again!”

4. Some Sturdy Wooden Hangers For Coats & Heavy Clothing

Heavier items, like winter coats or jackets, benefit from a sturdier hanger. Or you might even like a few of these in the mix for displaying special items of clothing or creating a mini wardrobe for a toddler learning to get dressed. These wooden baby hangers have notched shoulders for keeping clothes from sliding off and swivel hooks that make them more comfortable to move around. They come in a pack of 10 and have a width of 0.5 inches.

A helpful review: “Theses hangers are great for little jackets. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of small hangers.”

Nice To Have: Labeled Closet Dividers

There’s a lot of prep that goes into baby clothes — washing before wear and sorting by size. This set of baby closet dividers will help you effortlessly keep all of it organized with eight labels from newborn up to toddler. Each divider fits over a standard closet rod (or extra hanger), and these highly rated dividers will let you easily see at a glance what clothing size you have enough of or need to stock up on.

A helpful review: “When decorating my son’s nursery I knew that I wanted to organize everything that I could so it would be easier for me to keep up with what he needs and what he is no longer using. These are fantastic! It truly feels like a baby clothing store. They really help me keep his, otherwise disastrous, closet organized. Not to mention, it helps me keep his clothes in order so that I know what fits and what I can pass on to someone else. They are very sturdy and easy to move around.”