These beauty products will make you look instantly put together.
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11 Beauty Products To Make You Feel Like You’ve Got Your Life Together

No time? No problem. These must-haves work fast.

Put on some skincare, or change the baby’s diaper? Check out your hair, or get the kids to school on time? Take a shower, or break up the LEGO fight between your toddlers and then see if there’s time left over? If you have the space in your day for ritualistic beauty routines, that’s amazing. Self-care comes in so many forms, and caring for your outsides can make you feel cared for on the inside. But if you’re strapped for time, or can’t even remember the last time you cracked open a bottle of foundation, these products are worth your attention.

Now let’s be real: You’ve read lists like this before, that promise products that will save you time and money. So why is this one any different? For starters, beauty editors swear by most of these items; they’re tested and many are even award-winning. You won’t find “the latest” gadget, or “the trendiest” ingredients here — you’ll find things that actually work fast and make a difference. From air-dry hair stylers to the perfect brow pencil, these will get various jobs done, without making you feel (or look) like you tried too hard. We’re talking about essentials that’ll make you feel like you have your…stuff together. So whether you typically glide on concealer for a walk to the kitchen, or can’t fathom touching lip tint for anything other than a special occasion, think about investing in a few picks below; they’ll make it easy to look great with minimal effort.

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The Hair Tool

Do you like getting blow-outs? OK, but do you love a good blow-out? If the answer is yes-yes, then consider this hot rod. It’s an investment, for sure, but it heats up in seconds and combs through strands to smooth and give the slightest bit of bend and body. The results can often mimic that of a blow-out, so the tool might pay for itself in a couple months.


The Air-Dry Solution For Curls

Thousands of users have shared their rave reviews for this spray-on solution, backing up the benefits to misting your waves or curls before letting them air-dry. Less frizz, more shape, less work. Win, win, win.


The Air-Dry Solution For Texture

Scientists created the molecules and base formulations at play in Living Proof hair products. All it takes is a dollop of this cream in the shower to bring out your straight or wavy hair’s natural texture. Just work it through strands, then give a quick rinse and let air-dry. It’s that easy.


The Multitasking Moisturizer

Get deep moisture for dry skin, plus a necessary dose of SPF 30 with this shea butter-infused lotion. (You’ll need to touch up that SPF throughout the day — but read on for a product that makes the habit a whole lot easier.)


The Face Base

Before you can say, ‘Who has time to even think about primer,’ consider that this liquid does a lot for your face in just one step: It plumps and hydrates, thanks to doses of hyaluronic acid, and gives a little glow. You can apply makeup more easily, and more smoothly, on top, or just massage this booster liquid into your skin before heading out the door.


The Color Compact

Palettes are… tricky. There are likely a few buried in your drawer, barely touched or shattered in powdery pieces. But here’s a case for investing in just one more: This compact, created by makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, contains just seven powders, strategically designed to give you a subtle, put-together, full face look – which you can accomplish with any one makeup brush. Lightly dust over and under your lash lines for a little depth, hit your cheeks with a dusting of blush and lightly shimmering (not glittery) highlighter, and done. The palette also comes in three shade combinations, and fits neatly into your car’s glove compartment.


The Lip Color

It can seem like all lip glosses are the same. But they’re not. Some make a goopy, sticky mess. Some gloss right over the surface but don’t fill in fine lines (and others somehow just accentuate them). This formula is an absolute pleasure to wear — it’s light, yet almost feels creamy, it blurs lines, and the level of shimmer is just right.


The Brow Pencil

Thin, light, fast strokes: That’s the key to filling brows. To do it, you need a pencil with an insanely thin tip, like this one, which comes in 12 shades. And you can turn the pencil to produce a pointy tip, because who can ever remember where they put their cosmetics pencil sharpener, or be bothered to look for it?


The Ultimate Concealer

Trust the famed, talented makeup artist Pat McGrath with creating a creamy concealer to freshen up your complexion. With 36 shades and an easy-on stick applicator, it’s a choice add to any morning routine. Hundreds of stellar reviews can attest to the wow-factor.


The Sunscreen Touch-up

Available in five tones, this award-winning powder can be used to re-up your sunscreen protection throughout the day, without disturbing your makeup. Because SPF is a non-negotiable, this is a simple way to stay on top of your game.


Allover Color

With a foundation of Buriti oil, shea butter, and cocoa seed butter, this slick balm leaves a faint, yet poppy, hue that you can use to highlight your face and lips. The natural formula is worth toting around, as it can immediately give you a fresh, dewy, yes-I-slept-last-night look. No need for applicator brushes, either — your fingers blend it in perfectly.